Hallowen thing ‘the list’ outline

Hey, what is up my friends? I hope that the mentally disturbing image isn’t too mentally disturbing. Why did I put said image at the beginning of said blog post you may ask? Because, I plan on giving some more information about the ‘Super Halloween event thing,’ and the ‘Super awesome Halloween anime list of death and doom’ (or ‘The List’ for short). Plus, the slender man has decide that he should evaded almost every aspect of my life, except anime (but that is a story for later).

I would like to say that directly looking for Halloween anime was not, in any way, a smart idea on my part. So, instead of my original ‘top 10 list’ I will be having categories, and those categories will have sub-categories, and each one will have a winner, there will probably not be an overall unless I find something amazing. I will probably have a scare scale for each winner, and it will be based on whether or not you can stand certain things I show you. Like, if you couldn’t handle the picture at the beginning of this post, a) how are you reading this and 2) you might not be able to handle something higher on the scale (which I am still working out). If at the end of this list, you don’t agree with something then tell me. This thing is going to be based on my opinion, but at the end I will tell you why I thought it won, but I will also put any negative feedback it gets.

So I figured I would show you a good outline of the categories and list, it will probably change slightly over time. Here’s the rough draft

Best Halloween theme




Best use of Vampire’s


                Most accurate vampires



Best use of Zombies


                Most accurate


Most gore

                Accurate amounts

                I don’t even think there is that much blood in the human body

Best use of witches





Most scary

                Worst attempt at being scary

                Best incorruption of bunnies

                Least likely to win anything

                Best one based of a video game

                Too awesome to not include


                Note that this is still a rough draft. I was going to share a list of anime I was going to watch for this, but it is far from complete. If you know of any, let me know. Now, if you excuse me I have to go slender proof my house and stock up on tacos in case of a zombie invasion. And yes, if you’re wondering I have been playing too much mine craft. Don’t forget to stockpile hats




Black Blood Brothers and Gun X Sword

Today I decide that we should talk about two of the many anime I have watched recently. You could think of this as a review, but these are also some notes for my ‘Super Halloween Event Thing’ (which is odd, because one of these probably won’t even touch the final list.) These two anime are Black Blood Brothers which I have finished, and Gun x Sword which I have only recently stared. I choose these two because I watched them both in the same week, and I am in different stages of each of them, which adds contrast.

First I talk about Black Blood Brothers or BBB as it is better known. BBB is a short 12 episode series about vampires, 2 of them to be more specific. The main character is Jiro Mochizuki, a 200 year-old ‘black blood’ (another name for vampire) who was better known by other vampires as ‘the kin killer’ (because he used to kill other vampires) and ‘the silver blade’ (because his sword is silver). The main plot revolves around him and his younger brother Kotaro (who looks nothing like him) and their journey to the ‘special zone’ (a place where vampires can live with humans in peace) and their encounters with the ‘Kowloon children (an evil bloodline of vampires). Anyway, what really got me to start this series was I happen to be waiting for an episode of Vampire Knight to load and glanced at our T.V to find my brother watching this:

So, yeah I got curios and watched it later that night. I was rather scared to start it at first because it had the word (I’m not being racist) black in the name and every anime I’ve seen with black in the name have had some of the worst, needs to be continued , I still don’t know what happened, endings in the world. And *spoiler-ish* this one continued to live to that reputation, but it was still worth the watch and a funny, action, and romance filled anime overall.

For some of you the mention of the word ‘vampire’ makes you cringe, and to answer your unspoken question NO THEY DO NOT SPARKLE. In this anime most vampires will experience extreme pain (or death) in the sun (the exception being the less strong, young vampires). The more powerful ones (the ‘Old bloods’) also experience this pain in water. All vampires are killed by silver, and you can be turned by drinking the blood of a vampire (with the exception being Kowloon who only have to drink your blood to turn you). Vampires range in power level from one’s who can actually block bullets by raising their hand to only really being able to bite people and withstand more pain than your average human.

From left to right: Kotaro, Mimiko, Jiro

Over all I really enjoyed much of this anime. I watched it dubbed (because that’s the way my brother got it) and didn’t think any of the voice acting was bad (I’d go as far to say ‘It was good’ for Jiro’s slight British accent.) I found the plot rather suspenseful and most scenes rather humorous (there was a lot of crude humor though). The characters were fun, but left something to be desired in the background department. Some of the flashbacks answered questions, but for every question answered another was asked. The part I hated the most was the end, it left you confused and wanting more, I’m still confused as to what happened at some points, and the cliffhanger they left you with was terrible. I just about murdered the internet when I found out there was no plan for a second season.

From bottom up: Wendy, Carmen 99 (can you guess what the 99 stands for?), and Van

Oh well, moving on.  I stumbled upon Gun X Sword the exact same way I did BBB, my brother kept yelling at me about it. I started it after I finished BBB (this week) and found it to be… interesting. The first episode was good, but all of the other episodes seemed better. It’s about a man in a tuxedo, his hat (which can turn his sword into a giant robot suit known as an ‘Armor’) and his travels to find ‘The Claw Man’ with his companion Wendy, a young girl (I think she’s 13 or something) with a pink turtle she wears as a necklace. I have only up to episode 5 so I can only give you information on those.

The first episode was your average first, introductions and a small time villain, you also found out a little about the villain they’ll be chasing the whole series. To sum up the second I only need two words: mustache brigade.

That Mustache

That’s right, an enemy that fights with their mustaches (and a giant robot, but that’s not as cool) you also meet Carmen 99, who I’m told is an important character. Episode 3 is simple an anime version of what power rangers would look like if they were old, drunk, and called the amigos. Episode for is a bonding episode between Van and Wendy (In a sibling type way). Episode 5 is filled with action and introduces the man with the sex Gaara voice, Ray, who is one of those “I live only for revenge” types.

So far it’s a good series worth watching, it almost reminds me of Cowboy Bebop with its scenery and characters. I look forward to finishing it. It’s not for those who dislike a bit of crude humor though, but toanyone who wants to know what would happen if a gun and a sword had a love child; it will probably

Just a glimps at the power ranger like "Armor"

fulfill a part of that curiosity. Well, it’s late and I’m tired of typing, so until next time,


Myths and Truths about Anime

Something happened to me recently that has got me thinking. This train of thought is of course in the anime section of my brain, which is why I’m putting in here. I’ve been thinking about that void that is known to exist between Otaku and the other branches of “geek”. This void does not exist between all branches, or all members, but with a few select sub-groups. I’m told that it didn’t used to be this peaceful, before anime and manga become so accepted, one would find all the Otaku in a small little corner of their conventions, being glared at by all of the comic book fans and live-action role-players. One would think that, with all of us going to the same conventions, that there would be less tension, and while now it has lessened, it is quite a ways from gone. The reason behind this could all simple lead up to one of the many myths about anime.

                The other day I was going through a forum for a video game I enjoyed. I was looking for some custom anime skins for my character, but as I went through the website, I found that I had gone to the wrong place. This forum seemed to hate anime; in fact, most of the games community seemed to hate anime. I had looked up some other games, found something similar, and thought nothing of it, until now. In English class today my teacher brought up how we should explain why we liked what we liked, I thought about it and found I could never put my love into words. When I stumbled upon the haters of anime, it struck, I will write about why other people don’t like anime. Gathering all I knew about the hate, I started with the forum in which the idea struck.

                It was a forum for one of my favorite video game, Team Fortress 2. I read over some of these threads, and found that a majority of issue revolve around myths of anime and manga. Now, this is not to say that everyone should like anime and manga, it’s just to get rid of some myths and stereotypes. I’d also like to say that not allof the tf2 community hates anime, in fact I’ve found

a joke about a tf2 anime. You have no idea how much I want this

several Otaku while playing, but that there was quite a few hate threads going around.  Most people don’t mind the tf2 and anime cross-over as long as it doesn’t involve a large-chested 14 year old depicting a character.

 Myth: anime is always about a pre-pubescent child or some chick with a large chest.

Fact: This is not the case. In some anime sure, and I will admit that in some of the more popular anime it is, but a vast majority is about something completely different. There are so many different anime’s and manga’s in so many different Genres that assuming such a thing would be a straight up lie. Sure, in most anime and manga there is a perverted element, and one or two characters reflected an element of that, but it never comes up much, and rarely is it the center of the

Lucky Star, not all anime is like this

series. As far as it being about kids, you’ve watched Pokémon, Lucky Star, Negima, or something else along those lines (probably from the magical girl genre). There is anime and manga for kids, which will often reflect their age

Myth: I watched one or two anime and didn’t like it; therefore I won’t like all anime.

Fact: This is what you sound like ‘I’ve watched one or two movies and didn’t like them; therefor I won’t like all movies.’ You know as well as I that that is a load of stupid. As I said earlier, there are so many different kinds of anime and manga,

Vampire Knight, not all anime is like this

so there is something out there for you. That doesn’t mean you must love anime, it just means that you can’t say you dislike anime for its plot or theme, as that is constantly changing with the story, if you don’t like one anime, try another. If you just don’t like anime in general, find a better reason.

You should know, not all anime make me cringe like this

Myth: All anime characters have large eyes, wild hair, and a wild color scheme.

Fact: Most anime will have a character or two suffer from at least two of these, most will have at least one. But, anime with a more realistic art style exists, things like Death Note and Only yesterdaycome to mind, but there are more than that. Just like every other art form, every artist is different.

Myth: Anime is Japanese cartoons, cartoons are for children.

Fact: You who know anything about anime just laughed, and think I am joking. But I’m not, it happens so much it’s not even funny. People seem to think that if it’s animated, it’s a cartoon, and cartoons are for children. It’s stuff like this that make bookstores put up that sign ‘no manga or graphic novels in children’s section.’ This is also why things like this happen

and this too.

 Most anime is for young adults-adults, most are rated 13 and up. Parents need to know, it’s important, they know their kids maturity. This is the most important fact in this, showing anime to a kid is like giving him a lighter; it must be monitored unless the kid is trustworthy.  

That’s not all the myths, just the ones I found the most important. So, now you can show this to your anime hating friends, or that LARP-er at the con (but good luck, some of them don’t like to leave their little fantasy world.) Honestly, there will all ways be haters, and haters will hate. But know they will be well educated haters who will not hate in ignorance. I hope you have a good week,


A hopeful Halloween list

Halloween is coming upon us. This is not to say that it is close, Halloween itself is a good month away, but that for the average anime lover the time to prepare has only just begun. Perpetration for cosplay, fanart and a huge anime bash are all part of the celebration. The best part, I must admit though, is the Halloween anime. Finding those series that fit the season has always been a challenging task, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

                That’s right; I plan on finding some of the best Halloween anime’s out there and when I’m done, I’m making a list. This list isn’t just going to be the best Halloween related anime; It will have many different categories. I haven’t quite come up with a list of categories yet, but you can assume it’s all Halloween related. I of course, can only watch so much anime at one time, which is why I’m starting know.

                To find all this anime, I’m going to be doing some major research in hope of getting some hopeful entrees, and then I have to watch it all. Starting early is very important; I hope to have a rather nice list before Halloween so that you may use it for your haunted viewing pleasure. Of course, I will post updates every week on my progress, so you can have an idea of where I am. If you happen to have an idea of a good Halloween, creepy-crawly anime then I’d love to hear about it. In the end I hope to offer a scare factor and some fun ideas for everyone’s individual anime taste. Wish me luck and here’s to hoping I’ll sleep at night.


Manga, its not about the money


                Manga is one of those things that has been around for so long that we have no idea when it really started. It’s similar to collecting things in that sense, the other way it’s like collecting things is that too much is never enough, and it will just keep going and growing. This is fine for a whole industry, manga as a whole needs to grow and spread. But, there is a line, one often crossed, of when it’s too much. This is what is called ‘the ongoing series of forever’, in other words, a series that has seen several opportunities to come to an end, but found some way to pull out another 500 chapters. A prime example of this would be Yu-Gi-Oh! the story about a card game, that wasn’t actually about a card game.

                Yu-Gi-Oh! Started off as what was supposed to be a one-shot, but look at it now. You know a series has gone on too long when they have to change main characters and run in circles for a plot. I couldn’t even stand watching past the first few seasons. Of course, there have been worse, and it is an anime, and once 4Kids toke over the series died, only to come back with its abridged YouTube counterpart.

This is something I would like to see!

                Naruto and Bleach are good manga examples. This is the part where you would call me a hater and tell me about how amazing those series are or tell me how right I am for hating them, so here’s a plot twist, I don’t. They’re both good series, I kept up with them until recently, and then it happened. I won’t be the first to admit that both are rather lengthy and have their down points, this was the everything before the end of book 4 for Naruto, and everything in between the soul society and Espada arc for Bleach. But I stuck through it; I read the boring chapters as many before me had, but something happened that turned me off. If you read the manga for both you know, if you don’t this is your spoiler alert. It happened in Bleach when they killed off Azien and kept the series going, I tried to get through the next chapters, but it just went downhill, I couldn’t stand that I was rereading the begging of the story all over again, so I stopped. Naruto was a much slower process, I guess it happened when everyone started to die multiple times, when the kept saying it was over and it wasn’t. It felt like I was reading some poorly written Naruto fan fiction, not the story itself.

                This is the issue with a single series becoming too popular; it becomes a money making object only. The author no longer cares about story itself, but whether or not people will still pay money for it. It breaks the delicate bond held between reader and author. The reader trust that the author will keep making a good story they want to read, and end it when it’s time, and the author trust that the reader will keep supporting the story. The bond is often broken once the author starts pulling bad stunts or when the reader stops reading or won’t buy any more products. The way we look at that bond has changed over time, and with money becoming the number one priory, it’s headed for the worst. We need to change the cycle, or we’ll be more screwed up then Disney channel.       


Summer and anime: the loving bond


Even the characters of this anime, K-ON, can't help but enjoy the summer

Summer and Anime mix together well, this is a well-known fact, but why do you think that is? Many of you probably have some idea, but I put some serious thought into it, and I have come up with several ideas as to why.

Well, first let’s start with something simple, School is out, it’s hot, and sitting down and read or watching manga or anime seems like a good idea. I find myself sitting in front of computer doing such things in the summer. I remember I spent one whole summer dedicated to several series, I read over 600 chapters of manga and watched over 300 episodes of anime. My friend did something similar this summer, choosing to stay indoors throughout her cruise through Europe to finish up the anime Soul Eater, which brings me to my next point, friends.

I remember the first time I held one of those amazing comics; it was a hot day in the middle of summer. Friends will often be more willing to pick up that manga or watch that anime in the summer, can you guess why? There are many reasons, but my best guess would be that it’s hot and most of them don’t have much else to do. Once one of them has found one they like, it often leads to a full on spree as they discover the wonders of manga and anime.

One of the other things I have noticed is that a good many new series seem to come up in late spring and early summer, giving potential fans an early start at their summer spree, a chance to discover the series before they lock themselves up in their room for the summer. Companies seem to know that summer is a great time for release, so they cater to it. Having sales, giving out some free merchandise, releasing more frequently, making sure that no true anime fan can resists their offer.

With the ability to pull up any manga or anime on the internet, it’s not surprising that many people have stumbled up the interest.  Summer is a time for people of that interest to lock themselves in a room with a computer, some manga, a T.V, and a wide amount of food and water until the season passes. After all, it’s hot and most of them would be bored or have nothing better to do anyway.                 

                                                                                                                       I wish it was summer,