Manga, its not about the money


                Manga is one of those things that has been around for so long that we have no idea when it really started. It’s similar to collecting things in that sense, the other way it’s like collecting things is that too much is never enough, and it will just keep going and growing. This is fine for a whole industry, manga as a whole needs to grow and spread. But, there is a line, one often crossed, of when it’s too much. This is what is called ‘the ongoing series of forever’, in other words, a series that has seen several opportunities to come to an end, but found some way to pull out another 500 chapters. A prime example of this would be Yu-Gi-Oh! the story about a card game, that wasn’t actually about a card game.

                Yu-Gi-Oh! Started off as what was supposed to be a one-shot, but look at it now. You know a series has gone on too long when they have to change main characters and run in circles for a plot. I couldn’t even stand watching past the first few seasons. Of course, there have been worse, and it is an anime, and once 4Kids toke over the series died, only to come back with its abridged YouTube counterpart.

This is something I would like to see!

                Naruto and Bleach are good manga examples. This is the part where you would call me a hater and tell me about how amazing those series are or tell me how right I am for hating them, so here’s a plot twist, I don’t. They’re both good series, I kept up with them until recently, and then it happened. I won’t be the first to admit that both are rather lengthy and have their down points, this was the everything before the end of book 4 for Naruto, and everything in between the soul society and Espada arc for Bleach. But I stuck through it; I read the boring chapters as many before me had, but something happened that turned me off. If you read the manga for both you know, if you don’t this is your spoiler alert. It happened in Bleach when they killed off Azien and kept the series going, I tried to get through the next chapters, but it just went downhill, I couldn’t stand that I was rereading the begging of the story all over again, so I stopped. Naruto was a much slower process, I guess it happened when everyone started to die multiple times, when the kept saying it was over and it wasn’t. It felt like I was reading some poorly written Naruto fan fiction, not the story itself.

                This is the issue with a single series becoming too popular; it becomes a money making object only. The author no longer cares about story itself, but whether or not people will still pay money for it. It breaks the delicate bond held between reader and author. The reader trust that the author will keep making a good story they want to read, and end it when it’s time, and the author trust that the reader will keep supporting the story. The bond is often broken once the author starts pulling bad stunts or when the reader stops reading or won’t buy any more products. The way we look at that bond has changed over time, and with money becoming the number one priory, it’s headed for the worst. We need to change the cycle, or we’ll be more screwed up then Disney channel.       



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