A hopeful Halloween list

Halloween is coming upon us. This is not to say that it is close, Halloween itself is a good month away, but that for the average anime lover the time to prepare has only just begun. Perpetration for cosplay, fanart and a huge anime bash are all part of the celebration. The best part, I must admit though, is the Halloween anime. Finding those series that fit the season has always been a challenging task, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

                That’s right; I plan on finding some of the best Halloween anime’s out there and when I’m done, I’m making a list. This list isn’t just going to be the best Halloween related anime; It will have many different categories. I haven’t quite come up with a list of categories yet, but you can assume it’s all Halloween related. I of course, can only watch so much anime at one time, which is why I’m starting know.

                To find all this anime, I’m going to be doing some major research in hope of getting some hopeful entrees, and then I have to watch it all. Starting early is very important; I hope to have a rather nice list before Halloween so that you may use it for your haunted viewing pleasure. Of course, I will post updates every week on my progress, so you can have an idea of where I am. If you happen to have an idea of a good Halloween, creepy-crawly anime then I’d love to hear about it. In the end I hope to offer a scare factor and some fun ideas for everyone’s individual anime taste. Wish me luck and here’s to hoping I’ll sleep at night.



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