Myths and Truths about Anime

Something happened to me recently that has got me thinking. This train of thought is of course in the anime section of my brain, which is why I’m putting in here. I’ve been thinking about that void that is known to exist between Otaku and the other branches of “geek”. This void does not exist between all branches, or all members, but with a few select sub-groups. I’m told that it didn’t used to be this peaceful, before anime and manga become so accepted, one would find all the Otaku in a small little corner of their conventions, being glared at by all of the comic book fans and live-action role-players. One would think that, with all of us going to the same conventions, that there would be less tension, and while now it has lessened, it is quite a ways from gone. The reason behind this could all simple lead up to one of the many myths about anime.

                The other day I was going through a forum for a video game I enjoyed. I was looking for some custom anime skins for my character, but as I went through the website, I found that I had gone to the wrong place. This forum seemed to hate anime; in fact, most of the games community seemed to hate anime. I had looked up some other games, found something similar, and thought nothing of it, until now. In English class today my teacher brought up how we should explain why we liked what we liked, I thought about it and found I could never put my love into words. When I stumbled upon the haters of anime, it struck, I will write about why other people don’t like anime. Gathering all I knew about the hate, I started with the forum in which the idea struck.

                It was a forum for one of my favorite video game, Team Fortress 2. I read over some of these threads, and found that a majority of issue revolve around myths of anime and manga. Now, this is not to say that everyone should like anime and manga, it’s just to get rid of some myths and stereotypes. I’d also like to say that not allof the tf2 community hates anime, in fact I’ve found

a joke about a tf2 anime. You have no idea how much I want this

several Otaku while playing, but that there was quite a few hate threads going around.  Most people don’t mind the tf2 and anime cross-over as long as it doesn’t involve a large-chested 14 year old depicting a character.

 Myth: anime is always about a pre-pubescent child or some chick with a large chest.

Fact: This is not the case. In some anime sure, and I will admit that in some of the more popular anime it is, but a vast majority is about something completely different. There are so many different anime’s and manga’s in so many different Genres that assuming such a thing would be a straight up lie. Sure, in most anime and manga there is a perverted element, and one or two characters reflected an element of that, but it never comes up much, and rarely is it the center of the

Lucky Star, not all anime is like this

series. As far as it being about kids, you’ve watched Pokémon, Lucky Star, Negima, or something else along those lines (probably from the magical girl genre). There is anime and manga for kids, which will often reflect their age

Myth: I watched one or two anime and didn’t like it; therefore I won’t like all anime.

Fact: This is what you sound like ‘I’ve watched one or two movies and didn’t like them; therefor I won’t like all movies.’ You know as well as I that that is a load of stupid. As I said earlier, there are so many different kinds of anime and manga,

Vampire Knight, not all anime is like this

so there is something out there for you. That doesn’t mean you must love anime, it just means that you can’t say you dislike anime for its plot or theme, as that is constantly changing with the story, if you don’t like one anime, try another. If you just don’t like anime in general, find a better reason.

You should know, not all anime make me cringe like this

Myth: All anime characters have large eyes, wild hair, and a wild color scheme.

Fact: Most anime will have a character or two suffer from at least two of these, most will have at least one. But, anime with a more realistic art style exists, things like Death Note and Only yesterdaycome to mind, but there are more than that. Just like every other art form, every artist is different.

Myth: Anime is Japanese cartoons, cartoons are for children.

Fact: You who know anything about anime just laughed, and think I am joking. But I’m not, it happens so much it’s not even funny. People seem to think that if it’s animated, it’s a cartoon, and cartoons are for children. It’s stuff like this that make bookstores put up that sign ‘no manga or graphic novels in children’s section.’ This is also why things like this happen

and this too.

 Most anime is for young adults-adults, most are rated 13 and up. Parents need to know, it’s important, they know their kids maturity. This is the most important fact in this, showing anime to a kid is like giving him a lighter; it must be monitored unless the kid is trustworthy.  

That’s not all the myths, just the ones I found the most important. So, now you can show this to your anime hating friends, or that LARP-er at the con (but good luck, some of them don’t like to leave their little fantasy world.) Honestly, there will all ways be haters, and haters will hate. But know they will be well educated haters who will not hate in ignorance. I hope you have a good week,



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