Black Blood Brothers and Gun X Sword

Today I decide that we should talk about two of the many anime I have watched recently. You could think of this as a review, but these are also some notes for my ‘Super Halloween Event Thing’ (which is odd, because one of these probably won’t even touch the final list.) These two anime are Black Blood Brothers which I have finished, and Gun x Sword which I have only recently stared. I choose these two because I watched them both in the same week, and I am in different stages of each of them, which adds contrast.

First I talk about Black Blood Brothers or BBB as it is better known. BBB is a short 12 episode series about vampires, 2 of them to be more specific. The main character is Jiro Mochizuki, a 200 year-old ‘black blood’ (another name for vampire) who was better known by other vampires as ‘the kin killer’ (because he used to kill other vampires) and ‘the silver blade’ (because his sword is silver). The main plot revolves around him and his younger brother Kotaro (who looks nothing like him) and their journey to the ‘special zone’ (a place where vampires can live with humans in peace) and their encounters with the ‘Kowloon children (an evil bloodline of vampires). Anyway, what really got me to start this series was I happen to be waiting for an episode of Vampire Knight to load and glanced at our T.V to find my brother watching this:

So, yeah I got curios and watched it later that night. I was rather scared to start it at first because it had the word (I’m not being racist) black in the name and every anime I’ve seen with black in the name have had some of the worst, needs to be continued , I still don’t know what happened, endings in the world. And *spoiler-ish* this one continued to live to that reputation, but it was still worth the watch and a funny, action, and romance filled anime overall.

For some of you the mention of the word ‘vampire’ makes you cringe, and to answer your unspoken question NO THEY DO NOT SPARKLE. In this anime most vampires will experience extreme pain (or death) in the sun (the exception being the less strong, young vampires). The more powerful ones (the ‘Old bloods’) also experience this pain in water. All vampires are killed by silver, and you can be turned by drinking the blood of a vampire (with the exception being Kowloon who only have to drink your blood to turn you). Vampires range in power level from one’s who can actually block bullets by raising their hand to only really being able to bite people and withstand more pain than your average human.

From left to right: Kotaro, Mimiko, Jiro

Over all I really enjoyed much of this anime. I watched it dubbed (because that’s the way my brother got it) and didn’t think any of the voice acting was bad (I’d go as far to say ‘It was good’ for Jiro’s slight British accent.) I found the plot rather suspenseful and most scenes rather humorous (there was a lot of crude humor though). The characters were fun, but left something to be desired in the background department. Some of the flashbacks answered questions, but for every question answered another was asked. The part I hated the most was the end, it left you confused and wanting more, I’m still confused as to what happened at some points, and the cliffhanger they left you with was terrible. I just about murdered the internet when I found out there was no plan for a second season.

From bottom up: Wendy, Carmen 99 (can you guess what the 99 stands for?), and Van

Oh well, moving on.  I stumbled upon Gun X Sword the exact same way I did BBB, my brother kept yelling at me about it. I started it after I finished BBB (this week) and found it to be… interesting. The first episode was good, but all of the other episodes seemed better. It’s about a man in a tuxedo, his hat (which can turn his sword into a giant robot suit known as an ‘Armor’) and his travels to find ‘The Claw Man’ with his companion Wendy, a young girl (I think she’s 13 or something) with a pink turtle she wears as a necklace. I have only up to episode 5 so I can only give you information on those.

The first episode was your average first, introductions and a small time villain, you also found out a little about the villain they’ll be chasing the whole series. To sum up the second I only need two words: mustache brigade.

That Mustache

That’s right, an enemy that fights with their mustaches (and a giant robot, but that’s not as cool) you also meet Carmen 99, who I’m told is an important character. Episode 3 is simple an anime version of what power rangers would look like if they were old, drunk, and called the amigos. Episode for is a bonding episode between Van and Wendy (In a sibling type way). Episode 5 is filled with action and introduces the man with the sex Gaara voice, Ray, who is one of those “I live only for revenge” types.

So far it’s a good series worth watching, it almost reminds me of Cowboy Bebop with its scenery and characters. I look forward to finishing it. It’s not for those who dislike a bit of crude humor though, but toanyone who wants to know what would happen if a gun and a sword had a love child; it will probably

Just a glimps at the power ranger like "Armor"

fulfill a part of that curiosity. Well, it’s late and I’m tired of typing, so until next time,



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