Hallowen thing ‘the list’ outline

Hey, what is up my friends? I hope that the mentally disturbing image isn’t too mentally disturbing. Why did I put said image at the beginning of said blog post you may ask? Because, I plan on giving some more information about the ‘Super Halloween event thing,’ and the ‘Super awesome Halloween anime list of death and doom’ (or ‘The List’ for short). Plus, the slender man has decide that he should evaded almost every aspect of my life, except anime (but that is a story for later).

I would like to say that directly looking for Halloween anime was not, in any way, a smart idea on my part. So, instead of my original ‘top 10 list’ I will be having categories, and those categories will have sub-categories, and each one will have a winner, there will probably not be an overall unless I find something amazing. I will probably have a scare scale for each winner, and it will be based on whether or not you can stand certain things I show you. Like, if you couldn’t handle the picture at the beginning of this post, a) how are you reading this and 2) you might not be able to handle something higher on the scale (which I am still working out). If at the end of this list, you don’t agree with something then tell me. This thing is going to be based on my opinion, but at the end I will tell you why I thought it won, but I will also put any negative feedback it gets.

So I figured I would show you a good outline of the categories and list, it will probably change slightly over time. Here’s the rough draft

Best Halloween theme




Best use of Vampire’s


                Most accurate vampires



Best use of Zombies


                Most accurate


Most gore

                Accurate amounts

                I don’t even think there is that much blood in the human body

Best use of witches





Most scary

                Worst attempt at being scary

                Best incorruption of bunnies

                Least likely to win anything

                Best one based of a video game

                Too awesome to not include


                Note that this is still a rough draft. I was going to share a list of anime I was going to watch for this, but it is far from complete. If you know of any, let me know. Now, if you excuse me I have to go slender proof my house and stock up on tacos in case of a zombie invasion. And yes, if you’re wondering I have been playing too much mine craft. Don’t forget to stockpile hats




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