I’m awake I swear.

You want to know something that me and most manga artist have in common? Lack of sleep; that’s right, I’m so tiered right now it’s not even funny. Granted, I would have slept more if I hadn’t stayed up really late to watch anime, but I need to work my way up to the scary stuff before the end of the week. Did you know that Netflix has a stockpile of anime revolving around zombies? One of them even has something to do with the mafia, which will make for a rather interesting night.

                You could have guessed by now that I am not a big fan of watching this stuff before bed, but I’m kind of out of a choice. I have school during the day any time left over is dedicated to art, fanfiction, and video games. This is my life, wake up and then do stuff. Second guessing such things would mess with the order of things.

This is how I feel right now. Was going to put a picture of a random zombie but I'm to tired to look for one.

My schedule is not all that uncommon. Many of my other Manga-loving friends wait till night for their viewing pleasure. This has never been something they have wanted to do, but something that needs to happen. Which is why when me and my friends have a sleepover, none of us actually sleep. This often causes us to appear lifeless or emo, but we are in fact, just sleep deprived otaku who don’t have the energy to open our eyes, or hide the bags under them. We, as otaku, often see it as a way we can grow closer to the creators of our passion as their job consists of deadlines and sleepless nights.

                I guess the moral of this post is something like ‘Mangaka make it at night, and Otaku view it at night,’ But, I’m really tiered, so I’m not really sure. Did you know that if someone is playing Nazi zombies will you write your blog you can’t think straight? Bonus points if you read some zombie survival book in the same day. I’ll post something better next time,



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