Introducing your friend to anime or manga part 1

Today I have decided to write a guide about introducing your friend or family member to anime and manga. Originally this was going to be a short, sweet, generic guide. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that generic was a bad thing, and that there were many was of going about this. So, I’m writing the basics now, but I will probably add on to it in later posts.

                So step 1 would be finding a friend or family member that you wish to share the joys of anime and manga with, once you find them ask yourselves some question. What is their current stance with the matter? What kind of genre are they into? Do they like to read more, or watch TV? How willing are they? Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for the next step

I cannot count how many people have asked me ‘what is a good starter manga for my friend?’ or ‘should my friend watch this anime first?’ The answer is that there is no defiant answer, so I’ve put the next section in a set of Q&A as more of a list of idea’s then anything to be taken to heart. Every human being is different, so you should do whatever you think will work for your friend.

Q: Should I have them read a manga or watch an anime?

A: Honestly, either one works. I started out with a manga, but that doesn’t mean anime isn’t a good place to start. If your friend is a big reader or artist, a manga might be better. But if your friend is a big fan of videos or surfing the web, an anime will probably catch on better.

Q: Does Naruto/Bleach/One piece/some other name make a good first series?

A: The question of the first series has always been a big one, and the debate still rages on the best answer. I would have to say that it all depends on what your friend enjoys. Such as a good choice for a friend who likes ninjas would be Naruto, but a good choice for a friend who likes romance would be something like ouran highschool host club or a friend who likes history or politics might like Hetalia. A really good idea would be to let your friend go through your collection and pick one they like.

Q: How should I deal with a friend who’s never heard of anime or manga?

A: Don’t show them any series yet. You want a positive reaction from them; your best bet is going to come from movies. I would highly recommend things like Kiki’s Delivery service or Spirited away or something else along those lines. If you think your friend can handle a series as a first encounter, then go ahead, but I’ve seen a lot more positive reactions in people who started out with something like Pokémon or Howl’s moving castle than I have with Naruto or Bleach. This is because with a movie, there is no obligation to go home, get on the computer, and look up that series. You watch the movie once, and then you’re done.

Q: What should I do if my friend already hates anime?

A: don’t press them about it. This is a complicated a delicate procedure you’re dealing with. In fact, I will have to come back to this at later date to complete it. It’s so long it will need its own post, so until I finish, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done back to you.

Well, that’s all I’m going to answer for now. In case of emergency break glass,



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