Here’s some anime and manga slang

Hello and welcome back,

I know it’s been a while, but I assure you I have not forgotten about The Epic Halloween Event. I just haven’t finished it yet. But I will, I just have to finish up a few anime, it should be done on Halloween. So until then, I figured I would go over some of the terms I might use throughout this blog so I don’t have to define them as I go, this list may be added to as time goes on.

Otaku:  When I say this word do not confuse it with its Japanese term. In western culture it refers to someone who has a huge interest in something, specifically, anime and manga. It is similar to the word ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ in that sense, which might seem like a compliment. Yet in Japan this word has nothing but negative meanings. Literally meaning ‘your house’ it refers to you never leaving it. It’s like saying ‘you have no life and can only do one thing’. The meaning took a turn for the worst when Tsutomu Miyazaki became ‘the otaku murder’ after killing and sexually assaulting several young girls out of his love for a porno anime.

Manga: is both plural and singular. It refers to the Japanese type comics which read from right to left and, is available for all ages. The whole series often follows one plot and every manga has a distinct art style. ‘La manga’ also means sleeve in Spanish.

Anime: The Japanese word for animation, this doesn’t just refer to cartoons.  Often the animated version of Manga, but it can have its own plot. Anime is available in all genres for all ages.

Cosplay: Literally means ‘costume play’; it is the art of dressing up as a fictional character. The art of cosplay can be done for many reasons and costumes are often homemade or custom tailored. Just because someone is cosplaying doesn’t mean that they are role-playing or actually believe they are the character they are dressed as despite popular belief.

Crossplay: Cosplaying as a character that is not your gender. Simple as that.

Furry: an anthropomorphic character. When referring to an actual person it could meaning someone who likes them all the way to people who think they are them. They are probably some of the less accepted members of society.

Brony: A male viewer of my little pony. I included it because it is often associated with furries, which are often associated with anime and manga.

Kawaii: means ‘cute’ in Japanese. Commonly over used by people you don’t know what their saying. On one website I went on, they thought it was an art style.

Yaoi: A type of pairing( often made for or by fangirls) in anime and manga. Means something along the lines of ‘boy on boy’ literally means ‘boy’s love’.

Yuri: like Yaoi, but girl on girl.

Hentai: animated porn. What gave anime it’s bad name in western culture.

Bishōnen: A young pretty boy who often show up in anime and manga.

Emoticons: as far as manga goes I’ll leave it to uncle Yo.

                That’s all for now. I’ll probably edit this post at a later date as I feel I need to add more. Till next time. Save a starving kid in Africa,



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