Halloween is almost upon us, so in preparation for this I figured I’d talk cosplay. Most of you already know what cosplay is, but it goes further than just dressing up as some random character. There are rules, it’s more than just a costume, it’s an art. While you’re not expected to think you are that character, a little bit of acting will go a long way. It’s like you’re in a play, but instead of talking like your character, your trying to look like your character. Standing as your character would stand, sitting like they might sit, and even walking as they might walk. As an example, I was L from death note last year, so I walked slouched, sat with my knees to my chest, and held things in between my thumb and my pointer finger but, I didn’t really talk like L very much, as that would just seem a little weird around non-cosplayers. Things like this can help with things like an inaccurate costume. But don’t expect it to be your savior, costume is very important.

This guy is amazing. Don't ever be dissapointed if you don't end up being this epic. He's probably a pro cosplayer or model

                A cosplay costume should accurately portray the character you are dressed as. It should portray lots of time and effort, the best costume are made with the most quality material. Most people make their own costumes, using their skill and materials they find or buy. Making your costume doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make quality work cheap if you know what you’re doing, but it is time consuming. I’ve never made a complex costume before, but from what I’ve read it’s hit or miss. The best route in doing this is going to a store and buying items that look similar to what your character wears, and then changing them (with sowing, dyes, buttons, chains, ect.) to look more like what your character wears. When comes to hair you can dye or cut it, or you can buy a wig, which range in prices. You can only change your eyes with colored contacts, which should only be used with caution, and make sure you’re fitted for them first, even costume contact lenses can be illegal if you don’t have a prescription.

                But let’s say you what to buy your costume, have it premade for you. This can be an easier and less time consuming route, but unless you know someone, it isn’t going to be very cheap. The internet offers a wide verity of cosplay costumes; but if you want anything quality, expect to pay at least $90. Why is this? You ask. Well, the materials used to make cosplay aren’t cheap, and cosplay isn’t mass produced, so whatever you buy will be costume fit to you. On top of this, most cosplay bought ready-made is from China, this means that shipping goes up, and delivery will now take a month or two. I got some Edward Elric cosplay for my birthday, we bought it and late May and got it in late July. So, punches your cosplay a good few months before you need it.

                If you lack the time to make your costume or buy a quality one there is a solution. Closet cosplay, the art of making do with what you have. Your costume may not be pretty, but it will work. Such as, my school deicide to have costume day both Monday and tomorrow, but I didn’t have enough temporary hair dye for both days. So I decided that on Halloween I go as Edward as planned, but for Friday I would be scout from TF2. I went through my closet and found things that looked like they might work, threw them together and called it good. Do I look exactly like scout? No, do I get the message through? Yes. So it works for me. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Don’t eat strange tacos,

                                                                                                PandaEatingATaco .   

This is just flat-out adorable. I want kids just to dress them up like this!


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