Halloween Anime List

                   Yeah, it’s late, but stuff happened and I just couldn’t get it out on time. I didn’t get to watch all 60 anime I had planned on watching, but I did watch quite a few. So to keep from stalling here’s what I have.

 Best Halloween theme: Soul Eater

                Scariest: Soul Eater

                Funniest: Soul Eater

                Weirdest: Death note

Best use of Vampire’s: Trinity Blood

                Plot: Trinity blood

                Most accurate vampires: Black blood brothers

                Scariest: +blood

                Cutest: Vampire Knight

Best use of Zombies: High School of the Dead

                Scariest: High School of the Dead

                Most accurate: High School of the Dead

                Funniest: Soul Eater

Most gore

                Accurate amounts: High School of the Dead

                I don’t even think there is that much blood in the human body: Death note

Best use of witches: XXXholic

                Scariest: Dark Descents  

                Cutest: XXXholic

                Funniest: XXXholic


Most scary: so far, Ghost in the shell

                Worst attempt at being scary: Vampire Knight

                Best incorruption of small woodland creatures: Soul eater

                Least likely to win anything: Gun X Sword

                Best one based of a video game: Dead Space: Downfall

                Too awesome to not include: Full Metal Alchemist

                Over the next few weeks I will probably go over why I choose what I choose. I wish I could have watched more Anime, but stuff came up. Things like school, brothers, and my Halloween costumes got in the way. This is the part where you say how dumb my opinions are,



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