Soul Eater


So today were going to go over why I choose what I did for each section of my Halloween list, reviews for each one, if you will. We’ll probably just start at the top and work down, but who knows. So, for starters, Soul Eater, it won a lot. Soul Eater is probably one of the best Halloween themed anime out there, its manga also fits this title. With its inclusion of witches, zombies, the grim reaper, and even Jack the ripper, it was obviously inspired heavily by Halloween.

                Soul Eater takes place in Death city, Nevada. The first three episodes are prologs for the seven main characters. The first two we meet, and the stars of the show, are Soul Eater and Maka. When we first meet our heroes they are taking out Jack the Ripper. We find out that Soul can turn into a scythe and Maka can use him with great skill. After they defeat Jack, Soul literality eats his soul and we find out that Maka and Souls goal is to make Soul a ‘Death Scythe,’ a weapon used by the grim reaper himself.

                The next characters we meet have the same goal. They are Black*Star and his weapon Tsubaki. Black*Star is a rather loud and annoying “assassin”, the complete opposite of sweet and Quite Tsubaki. The third prolog is for Death the Kid, the son of the Grim Reaper, and his weapons Liz and Patti. Kid, as he’s called, is obsessed with symmetry, while Liz is Patti’s older sister, and, the sanest member of the group, who scares rather easily. Her sister Patti is her opposite, childish and brave.

                All through the anime there are references to Halloween. The main villain, Medusa, is a witch who can take on the form of a snake. Professor Stein is as his name suggests, Frankenstein, and goes insane many times throughout the series. Another staff member is Sid, a zombie who teaches the students. The streets are lined with Jack-o-lanterns and everyone has a bit of a scare factor about them. The whole series just seems like Halloween.  That’s all for now,


P.S figured I’d mention its Gabe Newell’s birthday today. If you don’t know who he is, he is the founder of valve.


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