Death note


                Hey guys,

                Today I write about Death Note, the series that boggled the minds of many. Death Note is about a Japanese high school student named Light, and how he stumbles upon a note book labeled “Death note.” Upon further emanation he finds a set of rules written in English (which, being at the top of his class, he can read.)  The rules state that anyone’s name written in the death note, while the writer pictures the face will die of a heart attack in 60 seconds.  It also states that you can control the time and location of the death as long as it is within 28 days and not an impossible place; same applies to the cause of death.

                When Light goes home he decides to give the death note a try, writing the name of a man holding a woman and child in a bank hostage. When the live news report says that he appears to be dead, Light realizes what kind of power he now possesses. At that moment he decides to ‘rid the world of evil’ and kill criminals and suspects of murder crimes. Leading to the birth of Kira, who is seen by the police as a mad man running around killing criminals.

                After three days, Light runs into the Shinigami (death god) named Ryuk. Ryuk explains some things to Light, and notices how many people he’s killed. The plot really unfolds when the world renowned detective L comes into play. As the Kira killings only increases, L takes the case, following Kira’s every step.  The fan base divides there; do you support Kira, Or L? The plot contains many twists, leading you in every-which-way.

                It’s natural that with its dark theme that Death Note made the Halloween list, it also has its comedy aspects. L’s love for sweets, Ryuk in general, Near playing with toys, Misa’s face expressions, and most of all, the epic potato chip (seen here.)

                Why I labeled it as having unnecessary amounts gore comes down to one scene. The first one I saw when trying to get my mother to let me watch Death Note (saw this scene with her and thought I’d never be able to watch it.) It’s an export from the last episode and can be seen here (warning: this is a guy committing suicide with a pen, not for the light hearted or logic freaks.)

                The have been many adaptions to Death Note: Extra books, character guides, video games, and even a series of live action movies. I have read/watched most of them and still can’t get enough. The writer created a story that seems to influence manga in America. It’s hard not say I was obsessed with it for a while, I cosplayed as L last year. Death Note is defiantly a series I would recommend to anyone.

                                                             I listened to the soundtrack while writing this,


P.s I thought this was really cute.



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