Hey guy, been a while.

                So today I figured we might talk about +anima, a series I have been reading for years, but haven’t finished up until recently. It was actually one of the manga that got me really into anime and manga. The only reason it took me so long to read was that when I had enough money to buy the last volume, Tokyo-Pop was out of business, so I was forced to try to find a book that was only in print for 2 years. The series wasn’t all that popular so finding volumes was a challenge. In the end, I found a website that was hosting it (it may have been slightly illegal, but I didn’t have $30 dollars to spend on a $10 book.)

                The story is about 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, who possess a +anima. A +anima is an ability that some people (mainly children) possess in the world the story takes place in. It allows the people who possess it to change one or more body parts in to that of the animal it’s based on. The main protagonist is a young boy named Cooro who has a crow +anima and the ability to grow black feathered wings. At the very beginning of the story Cooro meets Husky, a young boy who looks like a girl and possesses a fish +anima so that he has a mer-tail and can breathe underwater.  They meet at a circus were Husky works as a “Mermaid Princess” and Cooro tried to sneak a peek, only to be caught and work at the show as a “Messenger of Death.”  After Cooro takes the saying “bring down the roof” to a literal level, they leave off together sharing the common interest of wanting to find a place where +anima are accepted.

                During their journey they stumble upon a town called Auburn, a town known for their delicious Auburn weed cuisine. The town was a target for a local mob who mistook the every present weed for one that indicates gold. The town’s only defense is a Kim-un-kur bear +anima named Senri. Senri is discovered to be a 16 year-old mercenary, who doesn’t talk much and who can turn his right arm into a bear-claw.  After a rather explosive battle (I’m not going to spoil it) Senri joins the group and they head of to the next town where they meet Nana, a young girl with a bat +anima who can gain bat wings, ears, and echo. When she is first introduced there is a lot of tension between her and Husky, who admits to hating girls. After a fight, a goodbye, and a touching story the group bands together and continue to search for a place where they would be accepted for the +anima they are.

so cute I couldn't not show it to you

The story and characters really make this series loveable, and the art is gorgeous. The progress of the plot ties in well with all you learn in past, present and future. You discover more about +animas as they go and you can’t help but feel for all that the characters have gone through as you learn more. This is a series about outcasts, a story about people trying to find out where they belong. I think it is that thought that has kept the story were it is. Many people who read Manga often have other hobbies, and something tells me that some of those hobbies are not in the mainstream of things. This book was really for those outcast, those few who band together to get through life and try to find acceptance. This made it appealing to an audience who have experienced and accepted such things, but for those who haven’t and those who don’t want to admit it, it seemed like stupidity, after all, who wouldn’t want animal powers?

                All and all, it’s a good series that should be read. Its epic battles and comedy really make every volume a type of epic.

                                                                I wrote this while I couldn’t think,