American anime style growing like a tumor

                There is currently a dieses in several new children’s shows. A dieses that pertains to a lot of things, but anime is among them. A dieses which slowly emerges its victims in bad anime and poorly done serotypes. The gaming community is also among those affected.  And it isn’t just kid shows anymore, its toys, advertisements, and children’s games as well. I swear the man at the top of these big corporations see all the money things like anime is making and decide they want a piece of the pie. Well, if the pie was made out of huge eyes, odd hair, and bad voice acting as well as animation than they have succeeded.  But it’s not, so instead children’s shows are now filled with cheap rip-offs and bad plots.

This is one of the only good pictures of the sieres.

Exhibit A, I present you with the series known as Redakai.  I found this little… thing when I happen to wake up late on a Saturday morning and turn on the T.V. I decided to actually watch the show after I noticed the anime like art style. I should have just turned off the T.V. The French-Canadian cartoon is just some sad love child of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon. But at least both those series had a decent art style. I couldn’t help but instantly notice the out of place cat girl and oddly colored elf. There is also a card game to go with the series, which I can say nothing about as I have never played it myself. I’m going to give them credit though, as I’m not entirely sure they were trying to rip off anime, but I would still avoid the show if at all possible.

                Next, I present you with any of the new Ben 10 series. I’m not going to list them all because there are at least 3 and I don’t want to get specific. I really like the first one, I thought it was fun and cute, something I could watch with my younger cousins. But they turned the series in to what seems to be an attempt to appeal to an older audience. In my opinion this was a bad move on their part; the best part of Ben 10was its childlike theme. I don’t want to watch a show about a 17 year-old with my 6 year-old cousin. The plot just seem to go into circles and the dark and romantic element was not something I wanted to see come on daytime cartoon network. I believe there making a new series now because they had so many issues with the old one, I don’t even think it had a target audience.

The new Ben 10, I think this one is alien force

                But these things aren’t just constricted to children’s shows; they’ve speared into toys and games to. You can see the anime influences in girl’s dolls and boy’s action figures. Just the other day I was looking on the back of my Cheerio and I saw a coupon for some Barbie thing. I would was about to give her a moustache when I got a closer glance at one of them. She had a laptop, and on it was you’re standard game controller. They were trying to make a gamer Barbie. I can’t blame them though, with that new Level up show Cartoon network is doing (they just seem to screw up a lot recently) about those supposed ‘Gamers’. I’m willing to bet that when the actors said they play video games they meant, Halo, COD, and WoW. And the female cast member was just a sad attempt to get rid of rule #30 with her short-shorts and slutyness. I think a lot of places have been noticing the teen market for video games and anime and decided younger children would like it to. But no one wanted this, teens don’t want parents to find out want actually can happen when they start to judge these things. We don’t want the lawsuits that start when these things happen, or the unwanted attention from the media.

The new Avatar: legend of Korra

                I’d like to point out that there is no term for an ‘American anime’ ad the term itself is an oxymoron. I’d also like to say that not all American anime influenced whatever is bad. Avatar: the last air bender and Teen Titians have come up in recent years. And there have been many others that I can’t think of currently. So don’t judge until you’ve seen it.

                                                                                Play Minecraft,



Vampire Knight


                 Good day all!

                Today I would like to discuss an anime I have recently finished by the name of Vampire Knight. I finished it after watching all but one episode in both seasons on a board day a month or so ago, and then pulling it up to finish it after not being able to see it in my favorites bar anymore. I came across it about a year ago, but judged a book by its cover and thought it to be nothing more than a romance anime. I eventually watched it after it was recommended to me by a friend. I wasn’t expecting much more than a romance with some sexy looking non- ferocious vampires, it was a lot better than I expected.

                It’s about a girl named Yuki, who goes to a school and acts as a ‘night guardian’, she makes sure that no normal mortal gets in to the ever so wonderfully mysterious ‘night class.’ A class of vampires, who seem to be naturally sexy and seem to be admired by almost everyone else in the school. Yuki is not only forced to put up with other students trying to sneak in, she has to deal with fighting vampires as well. But she has help; her partner named Zero, assists in many ways, and frankly, hates vampires. The story is about the struggles Yuki goes through, and how she solves them.

                The series does touch on to a lot of the non-cruel vampire side, but makes up for it in vampires so evil it doesn’t even make sense. There is a romantic conflict of weather Yuki should end up with Zero or Kaname (the head of the school vampires.) I wouldn’t really say I love the series, or the way they dived each season into a new one, but it was pretty good. I do look forward to the third season and hope that the ending theme is as good as the other two (they were amazing!) I do hope for a better ending next season, though, as the last two were weak and pathetic. I would recommend this series to anyone interested in romance with a bit of action. And don’t worry, as it is not Twilight and has a rather intriguing plot.

                I found the series to be good overall, not really my type of anime though. The art style was different and I found the fight scenes to be interesting. The inner fan battle threw me off, but it didn’t stop me from watching. And to all of you wondering, I’m on the side that is whatever the author want’s.

                                                                                Han shot first!