Anime Withdrawal

So I normally watch anime and read manga regularly, but lately every time I sit down to watch it I seem to not be able to. It’s caused me serious problems, almost like withdrawal symptoms. I struggle to sleep, and can’t seem to stay with one thing for too long, I’ll stare at a blank screen and not know what to do. And I’ll draw, that’s almost normal, but with lack of a reference I keep getting worse. It’s a dieses with a cure so simple, but I can never seem to get it.

                I sat down the other day in hopes of watching some form of anime, something, anything. I hadn’t been able to do it earlier in the week due to school and an odd obsession with video games. I was prepped to watch it on my computer, all ready. But then, my brother’s friend came over, and asked to use my laptop as it is the best one for games in the house. I said yes and moved on to the Wii in hopes of using the Netflix feature, but to my horror it was beyond slow. I headed down stairs to find my brother and his friend playing Xbox and downloading some game on his friend’s computer (I later found that game to be Team fortress, which made it more okay). I got my computer back, but couldn’t use the internet without extreme lag, so I settled for minecraft.

                5 hours later, and the game was still downloading, and more news was to be heard. My uncle and Cousin were coming to fix a hole in the roof. I was a little disappointed knowing that I would not be able to watch any T.V with my uncle there (any form of anime would be a form of Satan). But I was happy to know that one of my favorite cousins was coming.

This is what I drew for my friend

The next day was spent waiting for Tristan to download yet another game, this one being known as APB: Reloaded. When it was finished we all played minecraft and waited for him to quite lagging up the internet with his game.  When both my cousin and him finally left, my brother had me download APB on to my own computer.  I spent the rest of the day drawing a picture in MS paint and messed with transparency.

                The point is, sometimes we don’t get to do what we want, but its best to just put up with it. I may be suffering now, but I now have several favors. I wrote this originally because I have been having this withdrawal and didn’t know what else to say, so it’s pretty cool my story now has an actual moral.

                                                                Something is finally going good this week,



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