The Pyro Project

Hey guys. I would like to announce now that this post has very little to do with anime and manga. Instead I’m going to write about a new project I am undertaking, one I have decided to call “The Pyro Project.”

                The images above are what is currently available of my MS paint based project. This project is a response to this blog post about TF2: So, I know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering why I’m showing you a blog post of a game that is not anime based, you’re wondering if the writers of such a post are mentally capable, and most importantly, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my crappy MS paint drawings. Well, if you scroll down to the 3rd picture and read the paragraph labeled “Last ‘Meet the team’ short” things might make more sense. You see this game releases small videos depicting each class in a comedic and theatrical way. We got videos for every class, all but one, the Pyro.

                I personally love the Pyro, the mystery, the gameplay, and even the character.  I have been waiting to see that video ever since I started Team fortress. And then Valve granted my wish, they presented me with a blog post telling me I’ll get to see meet the Pyro, and I intend to thank them for it. That why I started “The Pyro project.” Every day until the releases of meet the Pyro, I will draw a Pyro. Sometimes just the face, sometimes all of him, in different hats, in different colors, and maybe even with different people. But I have a good many other things to do, so most sketch are done quickly in paint, on weekends the quality will probably be better. But it doesn’t matter that they all look pretty bad, I put effort in it, and I wanted a way to say thank you.  When meet the Pyro is released, I’ll send them to Valve somehow, but until then I’ll try to keep them posted here.

                Sorry about such an off topic project, but it was important to me that these things were said. Next time I’ll go back on topic, I have gotten to watch some anime.

                                                                Watch the meet the team videos if you haven’t,



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