Darker than Black

Hello all!

                I have noticed that I lack a good many reviews on anime, only having around 5 total. When I first started this blog, I wanted to make a blog filled with reviews, but I only wanted to review anime I had watched since I had started the blog. Since then, I have found that I cannot watch anime or read manga fast enough for this to be possible, so I’m going to go back to things I finished watching long ago.

                I fell in love with Darker than Black almost the instant I finished the first episode. I stayed up late watching it, and it would be one of the first things I did when I had free-time. I finished all 26 episodes of the first season in a few days, and set out in search of more.

The cast form left to right: Hung, Yin, Hei, Moa

The first season takes place in Tokyo, were, ten years ago an incident occurred and “Hells gate” showed up and all the stars in the sky disappeared to be placed with fake ones. With the appearance of Hells gate came a new type of being, people with supernatural ability’s known as contractors. Contractors are known only by the government and kept from the eyes of the general public; each contractor can be identified by their star, which will fall from the sky when they die. Every time they use their powers they must complete a task based on their ‘contract’, these tasks included origami, eating, turning someone’s shoe upside down, etc.  The other being that came to be were ‘Dolls’ and emotionless medium who are best known for their “observer spirits”, a small blob like creature that is able to be used as a camera for the doll.

                The story is about a young man named Hei, who at the time, appears to be a Chinese student namedLee. But, we shortly find out that Hei is a contractor, one who doesn’t make a payment. Hei has three companions, the first is a doll named Yin. Yin’s medium is water; she is quite and doesn’t seem to feel much emotion. Hei also works with Moa, a contractor who can change his body with those of animals. Moa is stuck in a cat body all throughout the first season. Hung is the field supervisor of the group, giving those missions and orders. He is very serious and doesn’t really like contractors.

Hei in his mask

               Season 2, I didn't really talk about it, but I figured I'd show it to you. The story revolves around the mystery behind around “Hells gate” and Hei’s past. The plot was refreshing and new and I liked the way each character developed and interacted with each other. The art was beautiful and the action scenes were well done.  Each episode had something new to offer and I didn’t feel like any of it was filler. The amazing thing about this anime is the fact that it wasn’t adapted from a manga, it was a standalone.  The second season showed equal quality, but, I found both seasons endings to leave something desired.

                                                                The format always messes up,



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