Fooly Cooly

To all of you who have seen the anime known as Fooly Cooly and understood over half of it, I salute you. To all of you who have yet to see it, don’t expect to understand half of it. I recall the first time I encountered Fooly Cooly it was at my local library in its manga form. To all of you who don’t know, the manga came after the anime and was done by a different artist, an artist who probably used MS paint and a track pad to do the art. Let’s just say I couldn’t tell the difference between characters in the manga. In the anime however, the art was nice and I could see the quality. The plot however, well it’s hazy at best.

                The main character is a high school boy named Naota Nandaba. His older brother Tasuku is a baseball player in America, and left him alone with their perverted father, Grandfather and his old girlfriend. His life is at best, boring. But one day, he meets a young woman riding a yellow Vespa. Actual, she literally runs into him. We later find out that her name is Haruko Haruhara, and that she loves guitars. She later becomes the Nandada household maid, tormenting Naota to no end with something about ‘Fooly Cooly.’ I’m not going to say much more, as that would be spoiling it, but I will say it involves fight scenes, Aliens, and robots.

                I personally was totally lost throughout most of the series, so it wasn’t really something I enjoyed in particular, to me it felt like drugs, lots of drugs. But I know many who enjoyed the series and found its lack of information lovely. I did like certain parts, as they made me laugh, but it just wasn’t really my kind of series.

                I would recommend the series to those of you who like up the skirt jokes and a bit of slap-stick. The character design and art were fine, and the colors used really stood out, making each scene vibrant. And the series itself is well known, and many others reference to it. It is defiantly something to see if you’re really in to anime.

                                                                                I wrote this in biology,



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