Heart no kuni no Alice


                I spent my whole weekend frustrated in order to play a game that is in Japanese. And that was before I attempted to set-up the translation software. I did it all in attempt to play Heart no kuni no Alice. All of it for an otome game, and I don’t like dating games. All this because I liked the manga based off it, and I’m all hyped up for the movie that just came out on DVD in Japan.

Cover of volume 6.

                Heart no kuni no Alice (or Alice In the country of Hearts) is a spin on the well-known tale, Alice in Wonderland. In the manga, Alice is a young woman of about 16 (maybe 20?) who, when we first see her, is sitting in her garden with her older sister. Her older sister then goes inside to grab a deck of cards, telling Alice not to go to sleep. Do you want to guess what Alice does? That’s right she sleeps! And can you guess what she sees when she wakes up? Hopefully you guessed a white rabbit in clothes, but instead of following him like the Alice in the novel, our Alice just shrugs and assumes it’s just her being tiered so she goes back to sleep. That is until the rabbit becomes a man, grabs her, and runs towards a mysterious hole that appeared in her garden. Frankly, she suddenly finds herself in a strange new place, and not died from falling down a really deep hole.

                The plot is a play on the famous story Alice in wonderland, but in a different kind of way. Such as the mad hatter is in fact, the leader of the wonderland mafia. Peter rabbit is actually part human, the march hare seems to think he’s part dog, and not part rabbit, the twins are two adorable boys who seem to enjoy killing things, the Cheshire cat, is not in fact, a cat, and the queen thinks she’s a “them” and seems to have gone soft.

                This manga was amazing, there was a lot going on and quite a few twists to keep the plot fresh and there were also enough bloody battles to keep me interested. I enjoyed the characters, who didn’t quite know what to do with Alice, and the realness that Alice had as she tried to get home. So far, I also like the game, but I would hope I would after all the effort I put into getting it even partly translated. I have also found the movie, but have yet to watch it. Of course the movie has yet to be subbed so I’m just going to have to watch it 100% in Japanese (or learn Chinese, it’s been subbed in that).

                Well, I have a movie to watch and a game to attempt to play. To all of you interested in the game, it’s important to note it’s not sold in America, and will be in really bad English if you translate it, so I would read the manga first if I were you.                  

                                                                The translator translated “sorry” as “noodles”,



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