Heart no Kuni no Alice game translation fun.

                Most of you may know that recently I have been playing a video game known as Heart No Kuni No Alice. Which to all of you who don’t know, is entirely in Japanese, and I don’t speak a word of it. But thanks to technology, I may play my game without having to point and guess. Automatic translators allow me to play and get a basic idea of what is being said, but even they aren’t prefect. In fact, half the time the translations are hard to understand, and sometimes they really screw up, this is a blog post of some of my weirdest translations.

                I use translation aggregator, which allows me to get more than one translation at once. I will try to go in chronological order and group similar errors together. Just so you know, things in magenta are being said by Alice, things in Blue are being said by people other than Alice, things in Brown are being done or narrated about, and I’m pretty sure that things in light pink is Alice talking or thinking to herself. Note, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

This is a classic mistake of word order. Suddenly ‘let me go home’ has become ‘send me a house’. You can understand what it’s trying to say, that he doesn’t seem to want to let her go home, and is blaming her for not following him down the rabbit hole. (In this version, Alice didn’t want to follow peter, but instead sleep, so he kidnapped her.) And there for, she doesn’t want to drink the vial he is trying to give her.       

So, there are multiple things wrong with this one. You see, Peter (the man with the rabbit ears) is trying to get Alice to take the liquid it that bottle. So of course she says no, because he kidnaped her and you don’t take drugs from strangers. But Peter thinks that it’s because she doesn’t like to take medicine, so he says ‘It’s childish to not take your medicine.’ Thanks to the wonderful translator given to us by Google, it turned into ‘I hate drugs. I’d like a small child.’ Which me and my friends agree make the whole thing seem like a rape scene.

This is less about bad translation, and more about the fact that it’s just creepy in general. After forcing you to drink the contents of the vial with a kiss, he says this, which just increases the whole theory that it is in fact a rape scene.

I found this to be more ironic than poorly translated. The idea that our current economy is good and that we should beat it just makes me smile for some reason, this even became an inside joke between me and some friends. Of course the translation here isn’t very amazing either, there are random words that may no longer be in standard Japanese character format, but is still in Japanese. Also Alice just beat the crap out of Peter for forcibly kissing her, which is really cool.

So this was taken after I met a man named Julius and decided I’d live in the Hatters mansion. At the time I hadn’t really decided to live there, but I did go there. And I was meet with the twins you see in this photo (the one in blue is Dee and the one in red is Dum.) They tried to kill me, and now the man with rabbit ears (Eliot March, not to get confused with Peter White) came to save me. I’m not quite sure why Dee is randomly saying chicken, maybe he’s calling him a cock, but I still can’t connect that to having a bad memory.

All three of these share the same error, the translator Honyaku translated the ‘sorry’ in them to ‘noodles’.  This is most comical in the middle one, which made Alice think she was going to be shot because ‘Noodles do not think’. All of these were taken minutes apart, and you can just tell how the conversation with Eliot went. Also, apparently Lichking655555 is online.

Both of these share the same mistake of word repeating and replacement. I was unsure that you could smile ‘smilingly’ or ‘smile with a smile’. I was also unaware that Alice was an ear. In the first one it’s important to note all the hats, there everywhere. In the second the fact that it’s only half translated in some says a lot.

Well it’s 10 o’ clock at night and I’m not yet even half way through with all the pictures I want to show you so,

                                                                               Word Press format hates me,



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  1. lolixz
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 11:29:14

    Elliot is being labelled as a chicken because he instantly forgets something within minutes. Then Dee and Dum mock him as a baby chick because they think he’s far worse than a chicken.


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