Squid Girl, it’s squidtastic!


             Greetings dearest readers!

A while ago while browsing Netflix I stumbled upon an anime I had never seen on instant play before, it was called Squid Girl. Due to the bad view of tentacles on the internet (*cough cough* hentai *cough cough*)I was briefly worried. But after reading the description and looking at the rating, I found myself watching the new to me anime, and I must say, it pretty Kraken funny  

                Each episode of Squid Girl is actually 3 separate episodes in one, much like Rugrats. The show is about a young squid of a girl named Squid Girl (creative right?). Squid Girl has come to the surface to “Inkvade” and stop the pollution of her home, the ocean. Upon arriving at the surface she encounters the Lemon Beach House, a small restaurant, and decides to make it her base of operations. The owners of the restaurant, the Aizawa siblings, have no problem kicking her out though however, and Squid Girl fights them for it. Sadly, she not only loses, but she manages to put a whole in their wall, and now must work at the beach house to pay for it. The series follows her comical adventures at the beach house as she works both towards paying off her debt and “Inkvaiding” mankind.

The entire cast… With the exception of Squid Girl

I must say I enjoy the pure wittiness of the series, with Squid Girl often facing a direct conflict (often in the form of her mangers, the red head Eiko Aizawa, and her calm older sister Chizuru Aizawa) and causing trouble as she misunderstands the culture of the surface world. Though the series itself seems limited in actual plot, it has its own charms in its short stories which make it extremely enjoyable. It is very lighthearted, and easy to watch on those off days. I find this attractive, and I believe others do to, as it allows for me to not have to get too involved with the plot. In many anime this is important, but it also causes strain because in most cases it puts you on an emotional roller coaster of sorts. A series that doesn’t do this makes a nice cool down for those that do.

Squid Girl does this extremely well, with its episode based plot and all the “Squidtastic” word play. It has an adorable art style, often making good use of chibis and comical effects. The team for this anime shows skill in many ways, art being a huge one. Characters have just enough depth to be relatable too, but are still very swallow in

I can’t tell if it’s Nintendo, mainly because that’s an X-Box controller.

terms of development. This series focus primarily on comedy, and surprisingly, of a less perverted variety. I am proud to say that I would watch this with RetroRob in the room, which is quite a statement. A majority of the jokes focus primarily on Squid Girls cluelessness, and all the trouble that it gets her and her friends into. The rainbow of characters and personalities causes a variety in episodes, and the setting allows for its own comedy (i.e Squad girl “downing” despite the fact she can breathe underwater…) and overall it’s a heartwarming story about a girl and her squid.

I’m not sure where I am right now,



Mei-chan no Shitsuji: I stumble upon odd things.

Hello dear readers!

                As you may know, I have been in a Pokémon frenzy for a while, but have also found myself addicted to a manga. For those of you unable to read the large title, it is called Mei-chan no Shitsugi, which, as far as I know, translates to Mei-chan’s Butler. As you can imagine, the crossing over of these two in my mind has left me with some strange dreams (Including one where we fought with Butlers, and when viewing their states I found one had a special ability in bed). But this is in fact, not important, as neither has much in common with the other.

  Mei-Chan no Shitsugi is a story about Shinonome Mei, a 2nd year in middle school. When she was younger, she remembers being saved by a man in a suit, with a pin in his coat who claimed to be her butler, after she had gotten lost. She lives with her parents, who own a noodle shop, in a poor house. No one believes that Mei was ever saved by a butler, especially her friend Kento Shibata, a pretty boy whom she is close friends with. One day while at school, Mei is told her parents have died in an accident. Now an orphan, Mei’s world is changed when the butler with the pin, Rihito, comes to Mei and tells her she is actually the heir a very rich family, and that he has come to take care of her. But there are dangers that come with being a member of such a rich family, dangers Mei will never have dreamed of.

This manga has a lot of sheep…

This starts off as a standard awkward romance manga, where the character is thrust into a totally different lifestyle and has no idea how to deal with it. The instant Mei see’s Rhito she states that he is “Just her type”, falling in love with him despite the fact that he is in his early 20s, and she is only 13. As the story goes on however, we find out more of the reasoning for each character, and learn of their intentions (except Rhito, I still have little idea of what he really wants). The setting changes over time as well, with Mei leaving her home town behind to go to a prestigious all-girl boarding school after an attempt on her and her friends. The plot amazes me, not because it’s unique, but because it’s well crafted, as the characters are well crafted, giving the story more depth. There is a certain tension as well, never a dull moment, one character always facing a problem, often dragging down the others with them. This leads to a funny but romantic and dramatic story, with action sprinkled throughout.

By dark I mean worse then this, but it’s a sad moment…

The themes in this book however, seem less appealing. They are often dark, and depressing, sometimes even illegal, so much so that each chapter has a mature content warning, despite the fact that what is often warned about only appears in 1 or 2 chapters. The character seem almost awkward in such a dark scene, Mei is an extremely innocent and clumsy girl, but despite this she is extremely brave, and will fight for what she believes is right. Shibata is the opposite, smart but scared, he will do anything for the people he loves, even put others in danger. Rhito is mysterious, and dark, he is well aware of everything he does, and a dedicated to being a butler. These characters balance each other out, but also create their own inner chaos. This leads to both comical and heart wrench moments, and allows for a more human feel among each character.

Miyagi Riko shows skill as a writer and an artist. The art in this manga is truly amazing, each detail seems perfect, and Miyagi seems to have a way of communicating threw both art and words very well. Even the little author blurb at the beginning of each volume is often used to explain some process of making the volume, and often gives insight to what the author was thinking. I honestly believe the composition of this manga makes it run very smoothly and causes it to be quite addictive, even if just for the amazingly drawn Bishōnens.

Did I mention there were PANDAS?!?!

Over all I am very addicted to this manga, I find it enjoyable and very plot heavy, but not for those who focus solely on action or the innocent. I enjoy it very much and look forward for an English release of both the manga and the live action Japanese TV drama (which I have yet to watch, but the actor for the live action role of Sebastian from Black Butler is in it). But if you like drama, romance and comedy with dark undertones, then you’re going to love this.

Well, back to the manga for me!


Pokemon Best Wishes, Season 2: Episode N: It’s a real name

Good evening dear readers!

I like to report that I am still going through my Pokémon obsession, and set off on an investigation of what to do next. After a bit of research I stumbled upon Pokémon: Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N, which is still currently airing in Japan, meaning I’ve been watching as much as I can subbed, all 9 episodes.  The first thing I noticed was the huge notification on the screen not to sit too close to the T.V and only watch anime in a well lite room (I followed neither). This was a reminder of the seizer incident, which was honestly a mistake that could have been easily avoided by more than three people watching it, (I watched it and man, if your eyes didn’t even hurt a little there is something wrong with you). I found it particularly interesting that this is still brought up even now though, as I do believe Pokémon has learned its lesson.

I fixed the entire problem of EP38 in MS paint... Like a true man.

I fixed the entire problem of EP38 in MS paint… Like a true man.

Back to the anime, it focuses mainly on Iris, Ash, and Dent looking for Reshiram in the white ruins. On their way, they run into a mysterious man, N. N can somehow understand what a Pokémon is feeling and is against the use of Pokémon in battle seeing it as abuse. N later joins the group, but only after they run into team Plasma. The biggest thing that happens is in episode 8, Charizard comes back! Not even in a cameo, or for just one episode, no, Ash’s Charizard is now part of the actual rotation. This one of the only reasons I started watching this series, but I stayed because I found it quite enjoyable.

       The art has in fact improved, everyone but Ash seems to have a more complex look, more professional, and the coloring has most definitely improved since the show first aired in 98. The subbed also seems to have much better voice acting, made obvious to me at first when I wasn’t annoyed anytime either Ash or his friends talked as I normally am in the new dubbed series. The plot is like that of most Pokémon series, minimal, but is still there. Another exciting feature is the revival of ‘Who’s that Pokemon?’ Everyone’s favorite game show! I have to admit, due to all the answers using the Japanese names, I got them all wrong, but I got the weakness right!

Overall watching this series brought back many memories, and was not nearly as disappointing as I thought it might be. I honestly believe the show would become much better if Ash was replaced, leading to a lack of confusion as to why he doesn’t age and the constant view of “He belongs with Misty!” It would honestly allow for people like myself to feel at peace with Pokémon, knowing they weren’t butchering the characters of our childhood.  Though I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking…

I need to get some more hobbies…


Pokemon White: I play stuff


Hello dear readers!

How are you and your wonderful faces? I myself am doing quite well, having tasted the wonder known as victory after a grueling day of pure defeat. It took me a week, but I was able to do it, I defeated Pokémon White (Well, at least the main plot, you can’t really all out win a Pokémon game after all). Now, this is surprising to me not only because a) I normally just play to get the cute Pokémon and therefor ignore the plot and B) Because I didn’t think I’d like the game much in the first place.

You see, I grew up playing Pokémon Red on my Gameboy color and learning that was the only way too play (though later I fell in love with Emerald and Gold), leaving no interest in the new generations and their ‘ugly’ new Pokémon. In fact, upon first seeing gameplay I thought that Black and White both looked pathetic, but man, I was wrong. My boyfriend gave me his old copy after I had watched him play, asking all sorts of question. I was excited because it had been years since I had played a Pokémon game that wasn’t just an emulator. I started to play, and I became hooked.

The starers, can you guess which one I chose?

The starers, can you guess which one I chose?

The game opens like all the others, the game’s first female professor, Professor Juniper, tells you a bit about the world of Pokémon, and asks your name and gender. Though after this, the game shows quite a bit of progression from its predecessors, upon entering your game world, you and your friend Cheren are waiting for your other friend Bianca to show up so that you can choose your starter Pokémon. After receiving it, you and Bianca battle in your room, tearing it to shreds (but don’t worry, mom doesn’t care). You then began your journey, entering the wonderful world of the Unova region. On your journey you meet Team Plasma, a gang that has it’s heart set on ‘saving’ Pokémon by forcing their trainers to release them (with words, of course), and the mysterious (and amazingly attractive) N, who not only speaks to Pokémon, but seems to want you.

The plot of this game seemed to add a lot, seeming as I normally tap A when most people talk in other Pokemon games (I can only handle listing to team rocket rant for so long…) and I took a good amount of time to read what was being said in this game. I enjoyed feeling like there was a real story in this game, and that I was truly a part of it. I liked that I could choose my answer sometimes, and the way I wasn’t simply “That annoying kid whom happens to be uber tough” all the time. Honestly, the fact that characters actually interacted with each other and you the way they did made the game so much more enjoyable.

Gameplay seems to have improved greatly too, little things like the ability to use TMs more than once and the lack of HMs that need to be used make for much easier move combos, to larger things like triple battles. The overall gameplay mechanics seem to have changed very little, buttons still do pretty much what they used too and you still need to press  B to run, though the menu has become easier to use, and using items has become much less time consuming, especially if one wants to use the same item more than once.  The new Pokémon are both cute and creative 90% of the time, which is honestly not too bad.

Fanart that depict the characters best...

Fanart that depict the characters best…

I have yet to try many of the games online features, as I use WPA security, and DS lite is not compatible with such. Though I have traded, as soon as I could I received a Charamander from my friend, and later and Eevee. I have found trading via inferred to be easy and fun. Overall I very much enjoyed the game, and look forward to playing it more.

I fell asleep on my floor halfway through writing this, sorry,