Pokemon Best Wishes, Season 2: Episode N: It’s a real name

Good evening dear readers!

I like to report that I am still going through my Pokémon obsession, and set off on an investigation of what to do next. After a bit of research I stumbled upon Pokémon: Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N, which is still currently airing in Japan, meaning I’ve been watching as much as I can subbed, all 9 episodes.  The first thing I noticed was the huge notification on the screen not to sit too close to the T.V and only watch anime in a well lite room (I followed neither). This was a reminder of the seizer incident, which was honestly a mistake that could have been easily avoided by more than three people watching it, (I watched it and man, if your eyes didn’t even hurt a little there is something wrong with you). I found it particularly interesting that this is still brought up even now though, as I do believe Pokémon has learned its lesson.

I fixed the entire problem of EP38 in MS paint... Like a true man.

I fixed the entire problem of EP38 in MS paint… Like a true man.

Back to the anime, it focuses mainly on Iris, Ash, and Dent looking for Reshiram in the white ruins. On their way, they run into a mysterious man, N. N can somehow understand what a Pokémon is feeling and is against the use of Pokémon in battle seeing it as abuse. N later joins the group, but only after they run into team Plasma. The biggest thing that happens is in episode 8, Charizard comes back! Not even in a cameo, or for just one episode, no, Ash’s Charizard is now part of the actual rotation. This one of the only reasons I started watching this series, but I stayed because I found it quite enjoyable.

       The art has in fact improved, everyone but Ash seems to have a more complex look, more professional, and the coloring has most definitely improved since the show first aired in 98. The subbed also seems to have much better voice acting, made obvious to me at first when I wasn’t annoyed anytime either Ash or his friends talked as I normally am in the new dubbed series. The plot is like that of most Pokémon series, minimal, but is still there. Another exciting feature is the revival of ‘Who’s that Pokemon?’ Everyone’s favorite game show! I have to admit, due to all the answers using the Japanese names, I got them all wrong, but I got the weakness right!

Overall watching this series brought back many memories, and was not nearly as disappointing as I thought it might be. I honestly believe the show would become much better if Ash was replaced, leading to a lack of confusion as to why he doesn’t age and the constant view of “He belongs with Misty!” It would honestly allow for people like myself to feel at peace with Pokémon, knowing they weren’t butchering the characters of our childhood.  Though I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking…

I need to get some more hobbies…



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  1. Daniel Elkin
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 00:05:47

    I miss Charizard…


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