Star Wars VII rant

The characters in the park is probably the best part about this deal. Who doesn’t want a picture with Darth?!

Hello good readers,

Today, I thought I’d mix it up a bit, because something happened, something very near and dear to my heart. As a child I grew up in a home with an avid Scfi-fan as a father, he played the games, watched the movies and shows, read the books, you get it. I quite enjoyed this, it allowed me freedom in that realm, and knowledge available in the subject, it also meant my father wanted me and my brother to love the Scfi genre as much as he did. He started us off easy, with Star Wars.  Most of you know understand what I’m getting at, because the it was announced in the news not long (only on the internet, sure, but still.) Disney has purchased Star Wars.

Hope your comfy there Darth…

As some of you may know, not long ago Disney gained the rights to show Naruto: Shippuden on its then new Disney: XD channel (The one that replaced Jetex). Some of you may also know that this was a total flop and ended right about when they got to the second or third arc, when even the most censoring available would do nothing to hide the gruesomeness of the “Zombie twins” while still maintaining the basic plot. This was a bad sign for Star Wars at first, a red flag in my head, then I remembered something, Star Wars was not going to be a children’s T.V show.

In fact, the fact that Disney bought Star Wars was a good thing; Mr. Lucas was taking the franchise nowhere fast, and based on Disney’s success with Marvel I felt confident that Star Wars was in good hands. I was actually pretty excited that maybe we’d get some new rides or games, maybe a few animated shorts of backstories or a comic book ( Star Wars manga anyone?) I thought that Disney could make a new set of characters in an earlier Star Wars universe that we could follow the adventures of, or even find out a bit about what happened between 3 & 4 (or they could remake 3 entirely with better actors). Then I found out what they were planning on doing, and I swear I screamed rather loudly, they want to make an episode 7.

I may not be a huge Star Warsfan, but when I heard that I knew it couldn’t end well. Regardless of who wrote it, directed it, or

Gentleman, your newest Disney Princess.

acted in it, the concept itself seems like a bad idea, and there is little chance it will go well. For starters, the series is over 30 years old, which would be fine, but they want to pick up sometime after they left off 30 years ago. The cast is now much older, and if they keep with them people will get mad, but if they get a new cast all hell will break loose. Another problem is that they are in fact, choosing to not base the series off of one of the many books available and will most likely go with a plot George Lucas wrote himself, which has a high chance of not ending well (see Indian Jones and the Crystal Skulls for reference.) and has left some fans a little distraught.

The ‘new’ Disney Star Wars Trailer, really love this one truthfully.

To those of you just worried that Star Wars is now a Disney title, don’t be. Marvel has only gone up hill since Disney bought it’s company, and while something tells me there is a bigger fear of what will happen with the children’s side of Star Wars (and its unavoidable doom of ending up as a cartoon on that dumb Disney XD channel) I have a feeling at least part of it will remain intact as long as they quite editing the originals and stray away from a certain character with a Jamaican accent. At this point, there isn’t much hope that Star Wars will remain as we once knew it, so we must just accept the change, and hope that Disney lied about making “A new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years” and will come down in the coming months. Hopefully I’m wrong, and 7 will be amazing, just like the new Avengers movie, and Star Wars won’t end up like Naruto, which was put out like a bad puppy.

I’m really not on my game today,



Halloween fun

Happy Halloween!

Greetings my dear gentleman and women,

As you may know, Halloween is approaching, and this entails a lot of spooktasitic material and the wide ability to enjoy activities that make you wet yourselves. Reading this blog post won’t be one of them, some things suggested in this blog post however, may. Some of you will be busy on the night of hallows, enjoying some time with your friends and showing off your costume, but others of you (the ones not playing the new Assassins Creed) will be at home, with not much else to do than hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (and if your house is like mine, you won’t even have that). So this blog post will be more geared towards you, and things you can do at home.

  1. Play Slender

You need: A Laptop and the will to face the faceless (download here)

This not-so-new indie game came about based on the lovely little myth of Slenderman. This game has seemingly simple game play, just run around a dark forest collecting 8 notes in various locations. Controls are basic (you use around 7 buttons total) and for the first few minutes or so it seems easy, than Slendy comes into play. The Slenderman (for some unknown but highly speculated reasons) has a problem with you touching these notes, and will do anything to stop you. He attacks you with his mind, giving you a static screen, and eventually killing you, whenever you look at him. With each note you collect he gets stronger, eventually gaining the ability to teleport. Beating the first round unlocks daytime mode, beating that unlocks $20 mode, and beating that unlock Marble Hornets mode. The best advice for beating this game: Don’t look behind you and use this map (Captain Sparklez failing at Slender…)

2.Read the /r/ No Sleep section.

You need: internet connection and common sense

The only time I ever go on Reddit is to enjoy the wonders of the No Sleep section. /r/ No Sleep is, like the name suggests, a place you go when you plan on not sleeping. Most posts are ‘scary’ stories and things that ‘actually happen’ (you, as the reader/commenter, assume it did), the first rule of this subsection is ‘everything you read here happened.’ Many of these stories do seem extremely believable and are rather freighting, leaving the reader often questioning all they ever knew. Some of these stories do suck, as it is a place where anyone can post, but others have kept me up at night. If you feel like reading before bed on Halloween this is a great place to go. (Cry reads No Sleeps the best!)

3.Enjoy the wonders of anime with friends and family (or alone)

You need: an anime/ internet connection

I’m going to state the obvious here and say that anime is probably one of the best things to watch on Halloween. Finding the right one is key, but after selecting a title the rest is easy. Unlike horror movies, one anime can entertain the whole night and more if long enough and come on a wide range of spooky subjects. Netflix even has a section dedicated to horror anime with a wide range of titles (if you don’t liked dubbed you can use it as a reference and then watch it subbed somewhere else). If you don’t have Netflix and want ideas you might find some on this blog or other parts of the internet.

4.Go trick-or-treating

You need: A costume (don’t have one? The internet is a wonderful place.)

Some of you just said to your computer screen “But I’m __ years old! I can’t go trick-or-treating anymore!” Well I say LIES! Because you’re never too old for trick-or-treating just like you’re never too old for the free candy you get from trick-or-treating. If you’re really still against that, than get some friends together and go hang out around town, even your virtual WoW town, and partake in Halloween festivities. Halloween is the one day a year that the whole world has an excuse to cosplay, it’s like a giant convention of fans of everything, and you should enjoy it. Even if that means just having a small gathering of friends in your living room, or even a game server, to enjoy a bit of trickery and fun.

Other things you can do is enjoy minecraft with a new texture pack, get that ugly hat that you’ll probably never wear in Team Fortress 2, post some cosplay cheer on your favorite internet forum, enjoy a spooky role-play session, or even throw a Halloween anime party. The points is, have fun and scare yourselves, the most fun I’ve ever had being scared, is when I do it with someone else, even if it is just family or something on the internet. So if all you can do is take out a relative, do it, stay safe and enjoy the fright!

Man, I’ve been watching waaaay too much Batman,


Deadman Wonderland

Shiro and Ganta, with *Spoiler* in the background


Recently, my brother got into a rather interesting anime known as Deadman Wonderland. I discovered it on tsunami (adult swim equivalent of anime night) and noticed it replaced the Durarara!! time slot. Having never heard of it, I decided it was worth DVRing (is that a word, or would I just say recorded? Or just DVR?). That night my brothers and  I sat down to watch it right as it started recording (that’s right, I never actually need to put anime on the DVR, but I do anyway.) Unsure what to expect, I had little expectations, except that it would be a good story with decent characters.

I told you it was gruesome, those are bodies.

I told you it was gruesome, those are bodies.

The story is about a high school student named Ganta Igarashi, who survived a massive earthquake with sunk 1/3 of Japan into the ocean (this was made in 2007, by the way.) Ganta lives a pretty normal life, he goes to school, has friends, does his homework, all that stuff. One day, some guy dressed entirely in red comes floating in to his classroom, grinning like a mad man, and massacres everyone in the room but Ganta, and I mean massacres, as in, he literally finds the head of one of his classmates, but most of her body is just a bloody pulp. On top of being the only one left alive, the guy in red also puts a red crystal in Ganta’s chest, and Ganta is blamed for his entire classes’ murder.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his lawyer is a jerk that used fake evidence to make sure his client went to jail, so Ganta is actually made out to be the murder of his classmates. Ganta is sentenced to death in a prison known as ‘Deadman wonderland’, a high security prison that doubles as an amusement park where there are daily performances of inmates dying trying to get through an obstacle course.

Upon arrival, he is given a color that will kill him if he tries to escape or doesn’t eat a substance known as ‘candy’ for 72 hours. After a brief orientation, he and some other prisoners go into the prison yard and meets a mysterious albino girl named Shiro, who claims to know him, even though he has no memory of her. After finding out she has special abilities when she helps save his life, and Ganta learns that the life in store for him will be a rough one.

Shiro (hint: Click on the picture to make it bigger)

I watched the first 2 episodes before giving up on the series, only watching when my brother was in the same room as me afterwards. It’s not that Deadman Wonderland is a bad series, in fact the story is quite creative and I do like a good portion of the art, but it doesn’t click with me. I think it’s the way it’s laid out, and how it seems to go overboard quite often. Such as, you can’t just make some one look like a jerk by taking someone’s voice, oh no, they also have to kill that persons pregnant wife while they’re at it. The seriousness got me too, I like a little comedy in my shows, to lighten up the fact that half the characters while probably die before the end of the season. Deadman Wonderland has some comedy (or attempts at it) I just wasn’t able to find it funny (my brothers did.) I guess I just don’t find boob jokes all that funny, maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I just don’t.

This is not to say you shouldn’t watch Deadman Wonderland, because if it sounds like it might interest you, you should. I personally just don’t enjoy, it just didn’t hook me.  Perhaps it will later in life, or maybe it never will, it’s hard to say. But I will say, I really like it’s art style, I find it to be refined and professional, and very fitting to the story.

In other news, SacAnime is this weekend, and I’m sorry to say I won’t be attending (I spaced it, didn’t

Sac Anime poster

even know it was happening until today.) The lineup of guest looks quite interesting, it includes several voice actors (as always), an artist, an anime car decal company, and most surprisingly, a power ranger (The black one from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, too all who care.)  This year will feature a rave, masquerade, gaming tournaments, live concerts by Eyeshine and akai SKY, a Lolita morning tea, and Karaoke among other things. Check out their website here for more information.

Well, I guess that’s it for Today,


A re-introduction

a funny little comic my friend showed me about the mysterious Slenderman
 made by SparkmanArtistry

Hello again,

So I’m back once again, after a long summer vacation I’d love to tell you all about, but of course, I won’t. So buckle-up your seat belts and hold on to your hat, because this is about to be a very anti-climactic ride. That’s right; I’m going to recap on what I hope to do on this blog this year! I’m using this blog as a blog!

But really, I have some plans for this year. You see, last year I tried to focus exclusively on anime and manga, which did in fact (believe it or not) limit me (somehow). So this year, I’ve decided to focus on what might interest people who like anime and manga and anime and manga itself. So that way when I’ve spent two weeks reading fanfics, I can post about the fanfics I’ve read.

Yep, I did. But it could be worse, could have said arrow to the knee!
I didn’t make it.

I know what you’re thinking “that sounds great Panda, but what kind of stuff will you post, and what will it be about?”( otherwise you just read that and thought “That’s not what I’m thinking at all!” in which case, I’m sorry.) Well, I’m not entirely sure, but probably everything from games an anime lover may enjoy to fanfics, songs, and parodies will probably be included. If I could, I would make an awesome montage video with some awesome song playing in the background (probably something totally random and maybe funny.) showcasing all the awesome things you’re in for this year. But I’ll tell you right now, I’ve read a lot of manga this summer, and I’ve also talked to a lot of people who enjoy anime and manga, so there you go, that means that at least one thing on here will be awesome.

So aside from the fact that I actually plan to use this blog this year, I plan to use it well. No Halloween posts after Halloween, or forgetting about Christmas or any other major holiday, I do not run on Valve time! I can post real reviews, and add announcements at the bottom of the same post! I’ll try to write these on weekends if possible, so that I’m not cramming them out in 30 minutes (like I am this one). I will try and keep updated on new releases and interesting news, and I’ll even try to cite my sources and learn how to use HTML on word press (no really, I can’t figure it out.)

So starting next week, I will start doing quality posts (with minimal talk about hats and less use of parentheses). I already have some ideas lined up; know it’s just actually doing them that’s going to take effort. Till next time,


P.s sorry for the randomness of the pictures, but I felt the need to put something in those blank spaces!


Hey guys,

                So I was going to post the continuation of the Heart no Kuni no Alice screen shots, but I just had the vaccine for HPV and now my arm is really sore, and it’s hard to type. The side effects of those things really suck, I feel twice as tiered and dizzy as I did before I got it, and now I can’t actually remember what I was going to post about. I think I’ll just post a video on here or something…. Maybe anime Munters? Of course that does contain a lot of swearing, and sexual references…. No, but I do know one that will work…       JUSTICE! No really, that’s the name of the video. Go ahead and click on it (of course that’s only if word press formatted it right.)

                I really liked this video when I first saw it particularly because at the time I was a big fan of Death Note and Bleach. I really liked the simplistic art style and overall funny nature of the video. I particularly like the idea that all villains never seem to get, even if you partner up, switch heroes, or cause a widows error, if you’re in a story you’ll never win (that’s not true, but you know I’m right all the same). That and L singing the Pokémon theme, because you know, who doesn’t like the Pokémon theme?

                Well, my hands are shaking and my arms asleep, so I’m just going to sign off before I have to start typing with a pencil.

                                                                I said … more in this post then I have in any other,


Heart no Kuni no Alice game translation fun.

                Most of you may know that recently I have been playing a video game known as Heart No Kuni No Alice. Which to all of you who don’t know, is entirely in Japanese, and I don’t speak a word of it. But thanks to technology, I may play my game without having to point and guess. Automatic translators allow me to play and get a basic idea of what is being said, but even they aren’t prefect. In fact, half the time the translations are hard to understand, and sometimes they really screw up, this is a blog post of some of my weirdest translations.

                I use translation aggregator, which allows me to get more than one translation at once. I will try to go in chronological order and group similar errors together. Just so you know, things in magenta are being said by Alice, things in Blue are being said by people other than Alice, things in Brown are being done or narrated about, and I’m pretty sure that things in light pink is Alice talking or thinking to herself. Note, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

This is a classic mistake of word order. Suddenly ‘let me go home’ has become ‘send me a house’. You can understand what it’s trying to say, that he doesn’t seem to want to let her go home, and is blaming her for not following him down the rabbit hole. (In this version, Alice didn’t want to follow peter, but instead sleep, so he kidnapped her.) And there for, she doesn’t want to drink the vial he is trying to give her.       

So, there are multiple things wrong with this one. You see, Peter (the man with the rabbit ears) is trying to get Alice to take the liquid it that bottle. So of course she says no, because he kidnaped her and you don’t take drugs from strangers. But Peter thinks that it’s because she doesn’t like to take medicine, so he says ‘It’s childish to not take your medicine.’ Thanks to the wonderful translator given to us by Google, it turned into ‘I hate drugs. I’d like a small child.’ Which me and my friends agree make the whole thing seem like a rape scene.

This is less about bad translation, and more about the fact that it’s just creepy in general. After forcing you to drink the contents of the vial with a kiss, he says this, which just increases the whole theory that it is in fact a rape scene.

I found this to be more ironic than poorly translated. The idea that our current economy is good and that we should beat it just makes me smile for some reason, this even became an inside joke between me and some friends. Of course the translation here isn’t very amazing either, there are random words that may no longer be in standard Japanese character format, but is still in Japanese. Also Alice just beat the crap out of Peter for forcibly kissing her, which is really cool.

So this was taken after I met a man named Julius and decided I’d live in the Hatters mansion. At the time I hadn’t really decided to live there, but I did go there. And I was meet with the twins you see in this photo (the one in blue is Dee and the one in red is Dum.) They tried to kill me, and now the man with rabbit ears (Eliot March, not to get confused with Peter White) came to save me. I’m not quite sure why Dee is randomly saying chicken, maybe he’s calling him a cock, but I still can’t connect that to having a bad memory.

All three of these share the same error, the translator Honyaku translated the ‘sorry’ in them to ‘noodles’.  This is most comical in the middle one, which made Alice think she was going to be shot because ‘Noodles do not think’. All of these were taken minutes apart, and you can just tell how the conversation with Eliot went. Also, apparently Lichking655555 is online.

Both of these share the same mistake of word repeating and replacement. I was unsure that you could smile ‘smilingly’ or ‘smile with a smile’. I was also unaware that Alice was an ear. In the first one it’s important to note all the hats, there everywhere. In the second the fact that it’s only half translated in some says a lot.

Well it’s 10 o’ clock at night and I’m not yet even half way through with all the pictures I want to show you so,

                                                                               Word Press format hates me,


The Pyro Project

Hey guys. I would like to announce now that this post has very little to do with anime and manga. Instead I’m going to write about a new project I am undertaking, one I have decided to call “The Pyro Project.”

                The images above are what is currently available of my MS paint based project. This project is a response to this blog post about TF2: So, I know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering why I’m showing you a blog post of a game that is not anime based, you’re wondering if the writers of such a post are mentally capable, and most importantly, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my crappy MS paint drawings. Well, if you scroll down to the 3rd picture and read the paragraph labeled “Last ‘Meet the team’ short” things might make more sense. You see this game releases small videos depicting each class in a comedic and theatrical way. We got videos for every class, all but one, the Pyro.

                I personally love the Pyro, the mystery, the gameplay, and even the character.  I have been waiting to see that video ever since I started Team fortress. And then Valve granted my wish, they presented me with a blog post telling me I’ll get to see meet the Pyro, and I intend to thank them for it. That why I started “The Pyro project.” Every day until the releases of meet the Pyro, I will draw a Pyro. Sometimes just the face, sometimes all of him, in different hats, in different colors, and maybe even with different people. But I have a good many other things to do, so most sketch are done quickly in paint, on weekends the quality will probably be better. But it doesn’t matter that they all look pretty bad, I put effort in it, and I wanted a way to say thank you.  When meet the Pyro is released, I’ll send them to Valve somehow, but until then I’ll try to keep them posted here.

                Sorry about such an off topic project, but it was important to me that these things were said. Next time I’ll go back on topic, I have gotten to watch some anime.

                                                                Watch the meet the team videos if you haven’t,


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