Gun X Sword: a proper review


                Hey guys,

So today I was going to go over death note, but I currently suffer from a head-ache and cannot type straight. So instead I figured I’d talk about Gun x Sword some more. I finally finished the series and can give it an overall review. You already know most the plot so I don’t have to go into too much detail.

                The story had quite a twist with the main antagonist. Turns out he is a wise old man who wanted a world without violence; during the series he takes “killing with kindness” to a whole new level. It made wanting him to die a whole lot harder, it messes with your mind. He has minions, of course, they’re a whole lot more evil than he is (or seems to be.) 

                Our protagonists, Van and Wendy, form a larger group, which increases, than decreases, than increases again. The new characters all have their own reasons for coming, such as Josh, who wants to help his brother Ray, and Priscilla, who has a crush on Van. At some points the conflict within the group sometimes wins over the conflict with the enemies. The most prominent problem was between three of the girls who all wanted Van.

                The twist ending gave the story a nice turn, and even though one of my favorite characters died, I still loved the ending. Gun X Sword is a good series for anyone who enjoys lots of twist and turns, or people who like sc-fi fantasy. A good story for any anime lover to add to their collection, one of my biggest problems with it lies in 2 episodes that relay only on up-the-skirt humor and the fact that there isn’t any more. Don’t google Jack the Ripper at night,



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