Dengeki Daisy: A Half English Title


And this is where it all began...

And this is where it all began…

Hello again readers!

DengekiDaisy        Recently my friend told me that she knew of a manga series I had to read called Dengeki Daisy. Now, despite the fact that my friend is a hopeless romantic and a hippie it took me a really long time to relies she was into Shōjo, and so I picked it up expecting some serious action, I got a whole lot of other stuff. As you can imagine, I was surprised at first, and even considered putting it down, but then decided to keep reading anyway. So far I’ve got to chapter 11, and since it’s ongoing, I have no idea if and when it will end. So I told myself a review now is just as good later, even if I have little knowledge of future chapters.

The story is about a 16 year-old high school girl named Teru Kurebayashi. When Teru was young, her brother died, leaving her nothing but a cell phone with the contact ‘Daisy’ in it, saying Daisy would help and protect her with anything she needed. Skip back ahead and Teru is a bullied and has few friends, often teased for being a ‘scholarship student’. One day, she breaks a window, and the school janitor Tasuku Kurosak forces her to be his ‘servant’ in order to pay it off. There some complex stuff that goes on and a bunch of who loves who, but that’s all spoiler related.

I can’t say that I really enjoy the manga, but I don’t hate it either, it’s comedy and use of the word ‘Cracker’ in place of ‘Hacker’ keeps me reading (I hadn’t heard the term ‘Cracker’ used like that for a long time). But aside from that, it just seems like a love story were neither of them are man enough to admit how they feel to the other. Granted, that’s just the first 11 chapters, and it seems like it could get much more complex than what I’m seeing. The author, Kyousuke Motomi, also keeps me quite entertained. She uses humor I don’t normally see in Shōjo manga (for example, Teru gets so concentrated on a test and overloads her brain, so she gets a nose bleed) and often puts little notes to the read every few chapters or so that leaves me laughing, and what she says there occasionally becomes part of the story.  01

The characters themselves are well made; with the exception of a few which I am 90% are just copy/ paste stereotype characters. Each has varying levels of everything, but most are completely believable, including Teru, which leaves a happy feeling in my heart.  Relationships are treated as they would be in the real world (with the exception of when Teru moves in with a teacher she’s known for like, 2 days, because she’s female)  and have both surface and depth elements to them.  For those of you who want to know about the romantic interactions, I think it’s partly viable, but still unrealistic, though the author portrays it well, and this makes up for most of it.

Dengeki Daisy v01 c01 - 021

That face…

                I really love the art in this manga, especially the black and white work (I’m not a big fan of Motomi’s color work; I’ve never liked those Shōjo esque lips though). I feel she truly does bring life to her characters through her art, and that it fits the story really well. It adds a sort of comical but sweet appeal, with exaggerated heights and features, but overall simple designs (I have yet to ever mix up a character through the art, not even for a moment).  Despite the authors disbelief in her art (particularly here flowers) she is truly amazing, and her art is my favorite part of Dengeki Daisy.

              1161_1_FFYGJ_ochibichan_scan_dengeki_daisy_vol1_ch01_052  Overall, I’m not the biggest fan of Dengeki Daisy but I don’t really dislike it either. I found it to be enjoyable, and something to read if I have any free time with nothing else to do. The plot isn’t all that entertaining, being as predictable as it is, though it is portrayed well. I feel almost as if the skill put in some of the characters is wasted on the plot. The actually writing is not too shabby and often quite comical. The art is probably the best part of this manga though, a still that fits well with the Shōjo theme.

Well, that’s about all I have to say about this one, and I even followed a formula this time. Did you guys like it? What do think of this manga and my opinion on it? Did I do it justice? What should I do next? (no really guys, I’m running out of ideas here, I want to do some more small stuff). Will any of these questions be answered?!

Seriously though, formula blog writing,




Black butler or Kuroshitsuji or whatever you want to call it

Good day my dearest readers,

1076     There was a time in which my method of finding new anime to watch was listening to my friends and random Netflix sprees, sometimes a mixture of both. Black Butler (or Kuroshitsuji as it’s referred to on the internet) was something I discovered on a Netflix spree but heard about from a friend, being a combination of both, I watched it. I didn’t know what to except, all the summery told me was that it was about a 12 year-old kid and his demon butler (who, I might add is extremely attractive) and they went on adventures all through Victorian London. I had no idea what to except but I assumed it was some romance anime judging by the appearance of the butler and the fact that every person who had ever uttered its name to me was female (romantic loving females, I might add.)

I was surprised however, to find that in the first episode a man was shoved in to an oven by are demon friend (Sebastian Michaels) and that there were literally almost no viable romances even involved. The second episode seemed just as good, with Sebastian attacking a group of armed thugs with nothing but silverware, and winning. It was after this I realized that I was watching one of those action-packed comedies that were targeted at a female audience, something which seems to be more common as of late.

The story itself is about 12 year-old Earl Ceil Phantomhive, the head of the ‘Funtom’ toy company and head of the Phantomhive household. Young Ceil lost his parents when he was just 10 years old due to a house fire, leaving him an orphan with one goal, to avenge his parents death by finding and killing the arsonist who started the fire resulting in their death. To do this, he made a contract with the demon Sebastian, who promises revenge, at a price. In exchange for his services, Sebastian will be allowed to eat Ceil’s soul after he gets his revenge. The series follows their varies adventures in search of the arsonist, and all the distractions they face along the

The overall story is nice, filed with twist and turns, and I love the art style, which not only shows personality overall, but also gives each character a unique look. The action scenes flow nicely, using beautiful art and various human poses for a bit of a mix-up each time, and conveying the overall emotion of the fighters with few or no words. The characters work well together, personalities often clashing for comedic purposes, and giving each character individuality. Comedy occurs often, and is often pure randomness, smartass comments, slap stick, or characters finding other characters attractive, which tells me that the target audience is in fact, female (that and the weird almost-yoai stuff). Overall the series is pretty good.

Iconic silverware throw…

It does however, have its problems. Most of this lies in the fact that in a similar fashion to Pandora Hearts, the manga was unable to keep up with the anime, leaving the anime staff to continue the plot, and for a while they did well, and then, it failed. They began to add concepts that made little sense, and then abruptly ended the series on a negative note, but a complete one. Then the made Kuroshitsuji II, which picked up an already ended series, and re-murdered it brutally via poor plot devices and bad characterization. Than they ended that a really really bad note by going against almost all we had come to understand in order to end on a slightly positive note. Still in the fashion of Pandora Hearts the manga goes in an entirely different direction, yet I have to find out the best place to pick it up, and not sure if starting over is worth it.

Black Butler is one of my favorite series, more for the characters and art than anything else (I’m not going to lie, Sebastian is hot.)  It was well worth watching, and one of the few series I plan to buy when I get the chance. The story is strong as well, though I feel it start stronger than it ended, perhaps this is avoided in the manga, though due to it not ending, it’s hard to really say. The lack of direct romance in the series is something I rarely see in the more female based Shōnen genre, and I really enjoy it and hope to see it more in mainstream manga.

Update: As I write this I have just found that a Kuroshitsuji live action movie, it will be directed by Otani Kentaro (director of the live action film Nana) and the leading man Sebastian will be played by the wonderful Mizushima Hiro. Not much is yet known about it, but we’re told it’s an original story and takes place 130 after the manga/ anime (which, from my math/guessing, would bring it up to about modern times, maybe in the near future. I specifically got the year 2018). I myself do not know much about the director or leading actor, but from what I’ve heard there good at what they do, and judging by the pictures of Hiro as Sebastian, I do not doubt them.

look at that Sebastian...

look at that Sebastian…

I have a feeling that Ceil will not be in this new movie, and that perhaps it will just be Sebastian with his new victim client. I believe this would allow a lot more flexibility and make it harder to mess up, as they really only need to keep with one or two characters from the original, which means that mad fans can’t scream about how such and such is wrong with blank because blah because blank wasn’t even in the movie. This would of course, disappoint some fans, though having a human character live 130 years would need much more explaining… (Unless it’s based off the second season of the anime, than it’s a similar concept, just with Ceil there) And while I want Ceil to be in the movie, I don’t know how I feel about him being there and it being modern times, I feel that Sebastian (who lived through many time periods) would be a little easier (though not easy) to explain adapting than a 12 year old who grew up rich in the 1880s (though he could adapt). This, and I think that a bit more about Sebastian would be nice, we know a lot about Ceil, but little about who Sebastian is, or his past, which is something I hope the movie might cover.

I’m pretty excited, and I’m hoping for the best (I’m not really sure how they could screw it up…) and already plan to see it as soon as I can. The movie is to be filmed in April and slated for release in mid-2013.     

That was like two blog posts…


I kill Giants, not baseball related, whatsoever


Greetings dear readers,

Recently in my Graphic novel class I was handed a copy of the comic book I kill Giants and told that it would be our text book for the next few weeks.  At first I got worried, I was unsure what kind of book my teacher would pick based on a pervious assignment where he had us read old superhero comics (I got X-men) which was a terrible experience. But after opening the book I was pleasantly surprised to find that I thought wrong, this book was different.

Barbara, our heroin

Barbara, our heroin

The first thing I noticed was that despite the title, this book took place in present day. It’s about a 5th grade girl, who has a distinctive love for fantasy and animal ears, her name is Barbara Thoson.  Barbara says that her job is to kill giants, hence the title. Considering the fact that this is a present-day real world setting, Barbara is seen as a crazy outcast by her fellow students. She is bullied, harassed and has no friends at school, and when she gets home? She lives with her older sister and brother, is for some reason petrified of upstairs, and plays DnD with her brothers friends. Her life is seemingly terrible, and her companions? Naked fairies (You won’t get that inside joke).

The story follows Barbara as she grows and prepares to face her own giants, meeting friends along the way. It’s filled with a lot of action, a lot of drama, but overall, it’s a story with a moral. This is a comic that I’m absolutely positive was written to teach us all something, something important. Each panel seems carefully planned, not ever space wasting space and is presented amazingly. The plot is full of twists, and a lot of confusion, but the writer pulls it together beautifully, and once I started reading I was unable to put this book down. Jim Kelly is an amazing writer who gave us a book that has the capability of show what comics can be.

ikillgiants02        The art in I Kill Giants can only be described as incredible. Niimura shows skill and originality in his art, which seems to draw inspiration from anime and manga. The choices he makes (i.e giving Barbara animal ears so she sticks out and the way certain panels are shaped) really add to the story and bring it alive. His art is loose but still maintain a professional and consistent look. The looseness never becomes overwhelming, and still keeps a neat look.  The character designs work well with the story, and Niimura even keeps nudity to a minimum (though according to the artist notes, this was not entirely his desire).  Overall it is very professional, and fits the story perfectly.

There is something about I Kill Giants that sets it apart from most comics, it was schoolwritten to teach a moral, not a moral just added as an after though, but it is literally designed and built after this thought. It was written for those who have been, or are, or will be, in a terrible situation, regardless of what that is, to offer help. Using a combination of words and pictures Kelly and Niimura brought to the table a work of art that expresses that yes, comics can be made for anything. This book is truly inspiring, watching Barbara face all she did showing that no matter what you’re going through you’re going to be okay, because “to fear death is to fear life itself”. I believe that everyone has something to gain from this story, and hope that it becomes a classic in this new age of comics.

And no matter what dear readers remember this, you are a lot stronger than you think,


Minecraft: Lolita Princess Pack

Cheers dear Readers!

      In the past few weeks I have spent what little free time I have doing one thing, playing Minecraft. Some of you may have heard of the block based game of awesome and creation and I’m willing to bet some of you have even played it, maybe even own it. I personally really enjoy the game, but one thing had bugged me from day one, the textures. After a little while, they bugged me less, and I was able to put up with it, not even noticing that 1/3 of the textures were absolutely terrible to build with and literally just server to make you burn them in lava and replace them was something else, and then I discovered texture packs.

Just look at it! It’s so pretty!

This is not to say that I didn’t know about texture packs before, but simply that I believed them to be pointless garbage which to up more of my CPU and made Minecraft nearly unplayable (well, that’s what it did to my friends computer.) I later found out, texture packs are beautiful pieces of art that take up more of your computers CPU (less so if you use Optifine…) and that each one can add to the already wonderful minecraft. I personally have yet to use too many texture packs, but have already fallen in love with one in particular, one that seems to be unknown to most, but offers some of the most adorable textures I’ve seen yet.

The pack is called the Lolita Princess Pack, and it’s done by “Zoepapilla”. As you may have guessed, this texture pack is based on the Japanese street fashion “Lolita”, which makes it seem very ‘feminine’ or even ‘girly’. This is not the first pack which offers such a girly take to Minecraft, it’s not even the most high quality, or complete, something that makes this one special is the way it does things, first off, it’s not overwhelmingly pink.

My moon gets rainbows!

The rare forever alone Ghast in it’s natural habitat.

I have attempted to use a good amount of packs labeled ‘cute’ or ‘girly’ but each and every one just seems to fill the world with bright colors and 50 shades of pink, using one color to make it ‘girly’ vs. finding patterns that work with a variety of colors and don’t look too busy. This texture pack offers just that, with a more anime-like twist. The textures connect beautifully and the patterns work well together, which is a challenge every texture pack face, and why I believe many themed packs struggle.

The pack itself is reminds me of a Shōjo manga scene, with cute colors and the basic Lolita fashion concept, which does often occur in manga (though, it is not vice-versa, many ‘Lolitas’ are not big fans of the media.) It supports random mobs, which means that several of the mobs can have multiple different appearances, and many of the skins keep the ‘scary mob’ feel while still maintaining the overall feel of the pack (some referencing memes…).  The armor itself is Lolita fashion; well, as best as it can be in minecraft. Helmets are wigs with headpieces and leggings often have a skirt look to them. The overworld reflects the style of ‘sweet’ or ‘ama’ Lolita while the nether is based on ‘gothic’ Lolita (from what I can tell, the end is a mixture of the two).

I actually built these using a different texture pack, I’m amazed at how they turned out.

The pack is not fully done, paintings, the ender dragon, and custom water/lava animations have yet to be added. Though, this does not make it an incomplete pack, the rest of it is done, and looks perfect! I must say that for a one person team, they really outdid themselves for this pack. Minecraft feels like an almost new game with it, and I’d recommend it for any minecraft player who would like minecraft to have a more ‘cute’ feel to it.

Oh, and by the way, the Panda faced pumpkins are by far my

The inside of my panda sanctuary.



P.s. For more pictures I suggest visiting the site, same for download

Star Wars VII rant

The characters in the park is probably the best part about this deal. Who doesn’t want a picture with Darth?!

Hello good readers,

Today, I thought I’d mix it up a bit, because something happened, something very near and dear to my heart. As a child I grew up in a home with an avid Scfi-fan as a father, he played the games, watched the movies and shows, read the books, you get it. I quite enjoyed this, it allowed me freedom in that realm, and knowledge available in the subject, it also meant my father wanted me and my brother to love the Scfi genre as much as he did. He started us off easy, with Star Wars.  Most of you know understand what I’m getting at, because the it was announced in the news not long (only on the internet, sure, but still.) Disney has purchased Star Wars.

Hope your comfy there Darth…

As some of you may know, not long ago Disney gained the rights to show Naruto: Shippuden on its then new Disney: XD channel (The one that replaced Jetex). Some of you may also know that this was a total flop and ended right about when they got to the second or third arc, when even the most censoring available would do nothing to hide the gruesomeness of the “Zombie twins” while still maintaining the basic plot. This was a bad sign for Star Wars at first, a red flag in my head, then I remembered something, Star Wars was not going to be a children’s T.V show.

In fact, the fact that Disney bought Star Wars was a good thing; Mr. Lucas was taking the franchise nowhere fast, and based on Disney’s success with Marvel I felt confident that Star Wars was in good hands. I was actually pretty excited that maybe we’d get some new rides or games, maybe a few animated shorts of backstories or a comic book ( Star Wars manga anyone?) I thought that Disney could make a new set of characters in an earlier Star Wars universe that we could follow the adventures of, or even find out a bit about what happened between 3 & 4 (or they could remake 3 entirely with better actors). Then I found out what they were planning on doing, and I swear I screamed rather loudly, they want to make an episode 7.

I may not be a huge Star Warsfan, but when I heard that I knew it couldn’t end well. Regardless of who wrote it, directed it, or

Gentleman, your newest Disney Princess.

acted in it, the concept itself seems like a bad idea, and there is little chance it will go well. For starters, the series is over 30 years old, which would be fine, but they want to pick up sometime after they left off 30 years ago. The cast is now much older, and if they keep with them people will get mad, but if they get a new cast all hell will break loose. Another problem is that they are in fact, choosing to not base the series off of one of the many books available and will most likely go with a plot George Lucas wrote himself, which has a high chance of not ending well (see Indian Jones and the Crystal Skulls for reference.) and has left some fans a little distraught.

The ‘new’ Disney Star Wars Trailer, really love this one truthfully.

To those of you just worried that Star Wars is now a Disney title, don’t be. Marvel has only gone up hill since Disney bought it’s company, and while something tells me there is a bigger fear of what will happen with the children’s side of Star Wars (and its unavoidable doom of ending up as a cartoon on that dumb Disney XD channel) I have a feeling at least part of it will remain intact as long as they quite editing the originals and stray away from a certain character with a Jamaican accent. At this point, there isn’t much hope that Star Wars will remain as we once knew it, so we must just accept the change, and hope that Disney lied about making “A new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years” and will come down in the coming months. Hopefully I’m wrong, and 7 will be amazing, just like the new Avengers movie, and Star Wars won’t end up like Naruto, which was put out like a bad puppy.

I’m really not on my game today,


Halloween fun

Happy Halloween!

Greetings my dear gentleman and women,

As you may know, Halloween is approaching, and this entails a lot of spooktasitic material and the wide ability to enjoy activities that make you wet yourselves. Reading this blog post won’t be one of them, some things suggested in this blog post however, may. Some of you will be busy on the night of hallows, enjoying some time with your friends and showing off your costume, but others of you (the ones not playing the new Assassins Creed) will be at home, with not much else to do than hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (and if your house is like mine, you won’t even have that). So this blog post will be more geared towards you, and things you can do at home.

  1. Play Slender

You need: A Laptop and the will to face the faceless (download here)

This not-so-new indie game came about based on the lovely little myth of Slenderman. This game has seemingly simple game play, just run around a dark forest collecting 8 notes in various locations. Controls are basic (you use around 7 buttons total) and for the first few minutes or so it seems easy, than Slendy comes into play. The Slenderman (for some unknown but highly speculated reasons) has a problem with you touching these notes, and will do anything to stop you. He attacks you with his mind, giving you a static screen, and eventually killing you, whenever you look at him. With each note you collect he gets stronger, eventually gaining the ability to teleport. Beating the first round unlocks daytime mode, beating that unlocks $20 mode, and beating that unlock Marble Hornets mode. The best advice for beating this game: Don’t look behind you and use this map (Captain Sparklez failing at Slender…)

2.Read the /r/ No Sleep section.

You need: internet connection and common sense

The only time I ever go on Reddit is to enjoy the wonders of the No Sleep section. /r/ No Sleep is, like the name suggests, a place you go when you plan on not sleeping. Most posts are ‘scary’ stories and things that ‘actually happen’ (you, as the reader/commenter, assume it did), the first rule of this subsection is ‘everything you read here happened.’ Many of these stories do seem extremely believable and are rather freighting, leaving the reader often questioning all they ever knew. Some of these stories do suck, as it is a place where anyone can post, but others have kept me up at night. If you feel like reading before bed on Halloween this is a great place to go. (Cry reads No Sleeps the best!)

3.Enjoy the wonders of anime with friends and family (or alone)

You need: an anime/ internet connection

I’m going to state the obvious here and say that anime is probably one of the best things to watch on Halloween. Finding the right one is key, but after selecting a title the rest is easy. Unlike horror movies, one anime can entertain the whole night and more if long enough and come on a wide range of spooky subjects. Netflix even has a section dedicated to horror anime with a wide range of titles (if you don’t liked dubbed you can use it as a reference and then watch it subbed somewhere else). If you don’t have Netflix and want ideas you might find some on this blog or other parts of the internet.

4.Go trick-or-treating

You need: A costume (don’t have one? The internet is a wonderful place.)

Some of you just said to your computer screen “But I’m __ years old! I can’t go trick-or-treating anymore!” Well I say LIES! Because you’re never too old for trick-or-treating just like you’re never too old for the free candy you get from trick-or-treating. If you’re really still against that, than get some friends together and go hang out around town, even your virtual WoW town, and partake in Halloween festivities. Halloween is the one day a year that the whole world has an excuse to cosplay, it’s like a giant convention of fans of everything, and you should enjoy it. Even if that means just having a small gathering of friends in your living room, or even a game server, to enjoy a bit of trickery and fun.

Other things you can do is enjoy minecraft with a new texture pack, get that ugly hat that you’ll probably never wear in Team Fortress 2, post some cosplay cheer on your favorite internet forum, enjoy a spooky role-play session, or even throw a Halloween anime party. The points is, have fun and scare yourselves, the most fun I’ve ever had being scared, is when I do it with someone else, even if it is just family or something on the internet. So if all you can do is take out a relative, do it, stay safe and enjoy the fright!

Man, I’ve been watching waaaay too much Batman,


Hana to Akuma

 Hello good ladies and mentlgen,

At one point during the summer, right before my computer had its memory wiped, I stumbled upon a manga known as Hana to Akuma by Hisamu Oto. I was browsing a site and looking for new manga’s when I saw a picture of its cover and its title. I didn’t expect much, but click the link any way and stared reading the fan translations (This book is currently not available in English, but you can purchases the Japanese ones here.)

The story is about a demon named Vivi, who left the demon world and came to live among humans. One snowy day, after a day in town he finds a baby girl in front of his mansion. He decides to keep it on a whim, calling her Hana after one of his butlers comments that her smile is “like a flower.” 14 years later Hana is still living with Vivi, worshiping the very ground he walks one. Vivi is protective of her, but is scared that if he touches her she will wilt (When a demon touches a flower it dies). Hana is saddened by this, and determined to help Vivi get over this, leaving a flower in front of his bedroom door every morning.

At first the story seems to start slow, it’s a lot of flashbacks, and a lot of explaining. After that though, the story picks up and more characters are added. As the story goes on, we find out more and more about Vivi’s standings in the demon world and his relationship with the demon king. We also watch Hana grow and develop new feelings for her demon friend and his feelings for her. Each character has a comic side, and a personality. They all have goals (some state them bluntly) that are seeable to the reader at one point or another.

  The art express the Shōjo theme of the story, with more of a girlish touch to it. The plot is of course, a romance, but it does contain some action, but not enough to escape the classic girlish theme of Shōjo. The beginning manages to avoid romance and focus on pure comedy, and the comedy is never lost. It comes back often, allowing the series to appeal to more than just the romance lovers. Providing the audience with loveable characters (mainly of the Bishonen type) so giving the audience a chance to choose a favorite.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent manga. If you’re into the supernatural romance, I’m willing to bet you’ll love it. It has a nice ending too; tying up any loose strings and leaving you with a sappy romance feeling (I was pretty touched.) The art was nice, not amazing on some panels, but some panels were quite beautiful, and it was very clean. The plot was a little predictable, but did take some surprising turns.

On another note, Pokemon: Black and White 2 came out Sunday,


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