Star Wars VII rant

The characters in the park is probably the best part about this deal. Who doesn’t want a picture with Darth?!

Hello good readers,

Today, I thought I’d mix it up a bit, because something happened, something very near and dear to my heart. As a child I grew up in a home with an avid Scfi-fan as a father, he played the games, watched the movies and shows, read the books, you get it. I quite enjoyed this, it allowed me freedom in that realm, and knowledge available in the subject, it also meant my father wanted me and my brother to love the Scfi genre as much as he did. He started us off easy, with Star Wars.  Most of you know understand what I’m getting at, because the it was announced in the news not long (only on the internet, sure, but still.) Disney has purchased Star Wars.

Hope your comfy there Darth…

As some of you may know, not long ago Disney gained the rights to show Naruto: Shippuden on its then new Disney: XD channel (The one that replaced Jetex). Some of you may also know that this was a total flop and ended right about when they got to the second or third arc, when even the most censoring available would do nothing to hide the gruesomeness of the “Zombie twins” while still maintaining the basic plot. This was a bad sign for Star Wars at first, a red flag in my head, then I remembered something, Star Wars was not going to be a children’s T.V show.

In fact, the fact that Disney bought Star Wars was a good thing; Mr. Lucas was taking the franchise nowhere fast, and based on Disney’s success with Marvel I felt confident that Star Wars was in good hands. I was actually pretty excited that maybe we’d get some new rides or games, maybe a few animated shorts of backstories or a comic book ( Star Wars manga anyone?) I thought that Disney could make a new set of characters in an earlier Star Wars universe that we could follow the adventures of, or even find out a bit about what happened between 3 & 4 (or they could remake 3 entirely with better actors). Then I found out what they were planning on doing, and I swear I screamed rather loudly, they want to make an episode 7.

I may not be a huge Star Warsfan, but when I heard that I knew it couldn’t end well. Regardless of who wrote it, directed it, or

Gentleman, your newest Disney Princess.

acted in it, the concept itself seems like a bad idea, and there is little chance it will go well. For starters, the series is over 30 years old, which would be fine, but they want to pick up sometime after they left off 30 years ago. The cast is now much older, and if they keep with them people will get mad, but if they get a new cast all hell will break loose. Another problem is that they are in fact, choosing to not base the series off of one of the many books available and will most likely go with a plot George Lucas wrote himself, which has a high chance of not ending well (see Indian Jones and the Crystal Skulls for reference.) and has left some fans a little distraught.

The ‘new’ Disney Star Wars Trailer, really love this one truthfully.

To those of you just worried that Star Wars is now a Disney title, don’t be. Marvel has only gone up hill since Disney bought it’s company, and while something tells me there is a bigger fear of what will happen with the children’s side of Star Wars (and its unavoidable doom of ending up as a cartoon on that dumb Disney XD channel) I have a feeling at least part of it will remain intact as long as they quite editing the originals and stray away from a certain character with a Jamaican accent. At this point, there isn’t much hope that Star Wars will remain as we once knew it, so we must just accept the change, and hope that Disney lied about making “A new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years” and will come down in the coming months. Hopefully I’m wrong, and 7 will be amazing, just like the new Avengers movie, and Star Wars won’t end up like Naruto, which was put out like a bad puppy.

I’m really not on my game today,