Squid Girl, it’s squidtastic!


             Greetings dearest readers!

A while ago while browsing Netflix I stumbled upon an anime I had never seen on instant play before, it was called Squid Girl. Due to the bad view of tentacles on the internet (*cough cough* hentai *cough cough*)I was briefly worried. But after reading the description and looking at the rating, I found myself watching the new to me anime, and I must say, it pretty Kraken funny  

                Each episode of Squid Girl is actually 3 separate episodes in one, much like Rugrats. The show is about a young squid of a girl named Squid Girl (creative right?). Squid Girl has come to the surface to “Inkvade” and stop the pollution of her home, the ocean. Upon arriving at the surface she encounters the Lemon Beach House, a small restaurant, and decides to make it her base of operations. The owners of the restaurant, the Aizawa siblings, have no problem kicking her out though however, and Squid Girl fights them for it. Sadly, she not only loses, but she manages to put a whole in their wall, and now must work at the beach house to pay for it. The series follows her comical adventures at the beach house as she works both towards paying off her debt and “Inkvaiding” mankind.

The entire cast… With the exception of Squid Girl

I must say I enjoy the pure wittiness of the series, with Squid Girl often facing a direct conflict (often in the form of her mangers, the red head Eiko Aizawa, and her calm older sister Chizuru Aizawa) and causing trouble as she misunderstands the culture of the surface world. Though the series itself seems limited in actual plot, it has its own charms in its short stories which make it extremely enjoyable. It is very lighthearted, and easy to watch on those off days. I find this attractive, and I believe others do to, as it allows for me to not have to get too involved with the plot. In many anime this is important, but it also causes strain because in most cases it puts you on an emotional roller coaster of sorts. A series that doesn’t do this makes a nice cool down for those that do.

Squid Girl does this extremely well, with its episode based plot and all the “Squidtastic” word play. It has an adorable art style, often making good use of chibis and comical effects. The team for this anime shows skill in many ways, art being a huge one. Characters have just enough depth to be relatable too, but are still very swallow in

I can’t tell if it’s Nintendo, mainly because that’s an X-Box controller.

terms of development. This series focus primarily on comedy, and surprisingly, of a less perverted variety. I am proud to say that I would watch this with RetroRob in the room, which is quite a statement. A majority of the jokes focus primarily on Squid Girls cluelessness, and all the trouble that it gets her and her friends into. The rainbow of characters and personalities causes a variety in episodes, and the setting allows for its own comedy (i.e Squad girl “downing” despite the fact she can breathe underwater…) and overall it’s a heartwarming story about a girl and her squid.

I’m not sure where I am right now,



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    Awesome (again)


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