Deadman Wonderland

Shiro and Ganta, with *Spoiler* in the background


Recently, my brother got into a rather interesting anime known as Deadman Wonderland. I discovered it on tsunami (adult swim equivalent of anime night) and noticed it replaced the Durarara!! time slot. Having never heard of it, I decided it was worth DVRing (is that a word, or would I just say recorded? Or just DVR?). That night my brothers and  I sat down to watch it right as it started recording (that’s right, I never actually need to put anime on the DVR, but I do anyway.) Unsure what to expect, I had little expectations, except that it would be a good story with decent characters.

I told you it was gruesome, those are bodies.

I told you it was gruesome, those are bodies.

The story is about a high school student named Ganta Igarashi, who survived a massive earthquake with sunk 1/3 of Japan into the ocean (this was made in 2007, by the way.) Ganta lives a pretty normal life, he goes to school, has friends, does his homework, all that stuff. One day, some guy dressed entirely in red comes floating in to his classroom, grinning like a mad man, and massacres everyone in the room but Ganta, and I mean massacres, as in, he literally finds the head of one of his classmates, but most of her body is just a bloody pulp. On top of being the only one left alive, the guy in red also puts a red crystal in Ganta’s chest, and Ganta is blamed for his entire classes’ murder.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his lawyer is a jerk that used fake evidence to make sure his client went to jail, so Ganta is actually made out to be the murder of his classmates. Ganta is sentenced to death in a prison known as ‘Deadman wonderland’, a high security prison that doubles as an amusement park where there are daily performances of inmates dying trying to get through an obstacle course.

Upon arrival, he is given a color that will kill him if he tries to escape or doesn’t eat a substance known as ‘candy’ for 72 hours. After a brief orientation, he and some other prisoners go into the prison yard and meets a mysterious albino girl named Shiro, who claims to know him, even though he has no memory of her. After finding out she has special abilities when she helps save his life, and Ganta learns that the life in store for him will be a rough one.

Shiro (hint: Click on the picture to make it bigger)

I watched the first 2 episodes before giving up on the series, only watching when my brother was in the same room as me afterwards. It’s not that Deadman Wonderland is a bad series, in fact the story is quite creative and I do like a good portion of the art, but it doesn’t click with me. I think it’s the way it’s laid out, and how it seems to go overboard quite often. Such as, you can’t just make some one look like a jerk by taking someone’s voice, oh no, they also have to kill that persons pregnant wife while they’re at it. The seriousness got me too, I like a little comedy in my shows, to lighten up the fact that half the characters while probably die before the end of the season. Deadman Wonderland has some comedy (or attempts at it) I just wasn’t able to find it funny (my brothers did.) I guess I just don’t find boob jokes all that funny, maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I just don’t.

This is not to say you shouldn’t watch Deadman Wonderland, because if it sounds like it might interest you, you should. I personally just don’t enjoy, it just didn’t hook me.  Perhaps it will later in life, or maybe it never will, it’s hard to say. But I will say, I really like it’s art style, I find it to be refined and professional, and very fitting to the story.

In other news, SacAnime is this weekend, and I’m sorry to say I won’t be attending (I spaced it, didn’t

Sac Anime poster

even know it was happening until today.) The lineup of guest looks quite interesting, it includes several voice actors (as always), an artist, an anime car decal company, and most surprisingly, a power ranger (The black one from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, too all who care.)  This year will feature a rave, masquerade, gaming tournaments, live concerts by Eyeshine and akai SKY, a Lolita morning tea, and Karaoke among other things. Check out their website here for more information.

Well, I guess that’s it for Today,



A re-introduction

a funny little comic my friend showed me about the mysterious Slenderman
 made by SparkmanArtistry

Hello again,

So I’m back once again, after a long summer vacation I’d love to tell you all about, but of course, I won’t. So buckle-up your seat belts and hold on to your hat, because this is about to be a very anti-climactic ride. That’s right; I’m going to recap on what I hope to do on this blog this year! I’m using this blog as a blog!

But really, I have some plans for this year. You see, last year I tried to focus exclusively on anime and manga, which did in fact (believe it or not) limit me (somehow). So this year, I’ve decided to focus on what might interest people who like anime and manga and anime and manga itself. So that way when I’ve spent two weeks reading fanfics, I can post about the fanfics I’ve read.

Yep, I did. But it could be worse, could have said arrow to the knee!
I didn’t make it.

I know what you’re thinking “that sounds great Panda, but what kind of stuff will you post, and what will it be about?”( otherwise you just read that and thought “That’s not what I’m thinking at all!” in which case, I’m sorry.) Well, I’m not entirely sure, but probably everything from games an anime lover may enjoy to fanfics, songs, and parodies will probably be included. If I could, I would make an awesome montage video with some awesome song playing in the background (probably something totally random and maybe funny.) showcasing all the awesome things you’re in for this year. But I’ll tell you right now, I’ve read a lot of manga this summer, and I’ve also talked to a lot of people who enjoy anime and manga, so there you go, that means that at least one thing on here will be awesome.

So aside from the fact that I actually plan to use this blog this year, I plan to use it well. No Halloween posts after Halloween, or forgetting about Christmas or any other major holiday, I do not run on Valve time! I can post real reviews, and add announcements at the bottom of the same post! I’ll try to write these on weekends if possible, so that I’m not cramming them out in 30 minutes (like I am this one). I will try and keep updated on new releases and interesting news, and I’ll even try to cite my sources and learn how to use HTML on word press (no really, I can’t figure it out.)

So starting next week, I will start doing quality posts (with minimal talk about hats and less use of parentheses). I already have some ideas lined up; know it’s just actually doing them that’s going to take effort. Till next time,


P.s sorry for the randomness of the pictures, but I felt the need to put something in those blank spaces!